Japanese Official Kill Bill Site Launched

The official Japanese site for Kill Bill is now live. Once you get there, mouse clicks and keystrokes make things happen (sword swipes and blood splatter). Plus if you type KILLBILL you’ll get an interesting little title sequence for an ultra-short teaser trailer.

AICN has a bit more info, including some talk of Kill Bill items currently on eBay. The 2 small Japanese posters are of particular interest to me – though I’m not sure I need more blood splatter on my walls than the Reservoir Dogs subway poster currently gracing my wallredirect 301 http:// already provides.

Reservoir Dogs – The Video Game

SCi Games announced that its acquired the rights to make Reservoir Dogs into a video game that’ll be released on the PS2 and the XBox. And yes, for those of you who must know, you will be able to cut off the policeman’s ear just like Mr. Blonde did:

SCi promises that gamers will be able to play all the film’s key characters, including Mr Blonde, infamous for torturing a policeman in one of the movie’s most visceral scenes.

Also, here is the original SCi Games press release.