Kill Bill Video Game In Trouble?

I’m not much of a rumor monger, but given that the Kill Bill cinematic novel was just cancelled, this bit of news wouldn’t suprise me at all. It appears that the previously planned Kill Bill video game may also be in trouble. Back in October of 2002, Black Label Games announced that they’d signed an agreement to license the interactive rights to Kill Bill.

The URL for the game – has for months re-directed to a page at Black Label’s website that had the press release and the game title on it. For at least the last week, that page has been removed, and a search of their site turns up no mention of a Kill Bill related title. I’ve contacted Black Label about the game, but so far haven’t received any response.

Kill Bill Cinematic Novel Cancelled

Don’t know if this means anything just yet, but the previously planned Kill Bill cinematic novel (something between a screenplay and a novel) is no longer listed for pre-order at Amazon.

UPDATE: I contacted Sebastian from the QT Archives this morning about this, and he has learned thru Hyperion Books (the publisher), that the cinematic novel has been cancelled and they will simply release a screenplay for the movie much the same as they have for Tarantino’s previous films.