Tarantino To Make A Soccer Movie!?

Not bloody likely! Despite numerous articles claiming that Tarantino was going to make a soccer trilogy – its not true.

After running an article touting the Tarantino soccer movie theory yesterday, the Guardian Unlimited ran this correction today:

Quentin Tarantino has no direct connection with plans for Goal! despite the suggestion of the headline, Tarantino plans Premier footie flick, page 7, yesterday. The film is a project backed by the producers of some of Tarantino’s films.

David Carradine Talks Up Kill Bill

Carradine says:

Kill Bill is some of my best work. The other thing is, for the first time for a large audience, I’m not doing an accent or a funny walk or pretending to be somebody else. It was written, really, around me.”

Carradine also says that he had a hand in writing some of the script:

“We wrote a little bit of it, I say just a little bit because Quentin is the author., We’d smoke a cigar in the evening and talk and talk and talk and a week later there’s a rewrite and it has that conversation in it. I talk endlessly. Basically I’m doing the Samuel L Jackson part in this movie. I’m just talking my head off, in between killing people.”

Vega Brothers Rumors Re-Surface

There have been rumors of Quentin Tarantino making a ‘Vega Brothers’ movie for years now. The movie is supposed to reunite Vic & Vincent Vega (Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs and John Travolta from Pulp Fiction) in a prequel of some sort. Today, Dark Horizons posted the following snippit:

The Vega Brothers: Long ago it was thought the two brother characters who appeared in separate Tarantino flicks would come together in one movie – now could it be finally going ahead? ‘Tim’ has the details: “I auditioned for a role and got chatting with the lovely casting director who indicated the “vega brothers” movie is going ahead. She says it will be huge because its a huge ensemble, and says it’s going to have Travolta in it, Madsen, Samuel L. Jackson and all the Tarantino regulars – but a lot of roles available for young women, because it’s set in bars and nightclubs, hence, strippers, barmaids, waitress roles will be available. Tarantino wants to do it later this year. I would so love to be a part of this but she said nearly every male role is a ‘name’”.

The second to last sentence in that snippit seems unlikely, as Tarantino has talked quite a bit about beginning work on Inglorious Bastards (a war film) once Kill Bill has wrapped up. As a ‘response’ to the Dark Horizons rumor, Sebastian from the QT Archives then posted an explanation of why ‘Vega Brothers’ is a rumor and nothing more.

Is Kill Bill David Carradine’s Revival

ABC News Online explores (not very deeply) whether David Carradine’s role in Kill Bill will revive his career in the same way that Pulp Fiction kick-started John Travolta’s. I tend to doubt it. Unlinke Carradine, Travolta was actually a very popular actor once upon a time. His role in Pulp Fiction simply re-introduced his abilities to an audience that hadn’t seen all that much of him since … well, since Saturday Night Fever.

Carradine, on the other hand was never as popular as Travolta, and has worked alot since his glory days on the Kung Fu TV series. As a result, his role in this film won’t seem as novel as Travolta’s in Pulp Fiction.

‘Four Rooms’ Released on DVD

The 1995 film that featured Quentin Tarantino both as an actor and writer (the film segment titled “”The Man From Hollywood”) has been re-released on DVD. The film features a load of famous actors/actresses – some of whom appear in other Tarantino films: Antonio Bandares, Madonna, Marisa Tomei, Salma Hayek (From Dusk Till Dawn), Bruce Willis (Pulp Fiction), and Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs).