David Carradine’s Legal Trouble

If there was a chance that Kill Bill could do for Carradine what Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta (I think not), it may have just went out the window when his ex-wife filed suit against him in LA. The suit alleges that Carradine engages in

“abhorrent and deviant sexual behavior, which is potential deadly”

and of being in an

“incestuous relationship with a very close family member.”

Carradine’s lawyer is of course denying everything.

Here’s hoping that this is just a divorce gone bad and not a continuation of Carradine’s erratic behavior:

Carradine has a long history of alcohol abuse, arrests and bizarre behavior. He once trashed a neighbor’s home while naked.

Tarantino Attends Adam Sandler Wedding

Adam Sandler got married this weekend to his lontime girlfriend (here’s the pics), and none other than Quentin Tarantino was in attendance. This may seem a bit off-topic, but I think its a pretty good hint that the semi-rumors of Tarantino’s next film – Inglorious Bastards – are legit. Inglorious Bastards, for those that haven’t heard, is a long rumored WW2 film that is supposed to star Adam Sandler and Michael Madsen.

Comparing Tarantino With George Lucas

In an interview with icCoventry, Samuel L. Jackson is asked to compare the style’s of George Lucas (for whom Jackson worked on the new Star Wars movies) and Quentin Tarantino (for whom Jackson worked on Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown):

Quentin could come in here and suck the air out of the room. George is very low key. Very laid back. He knows what he wants to do. He leaves the actors alone and lets us do what he wants to do. There was stuff falling down, saws going off. Everything that would make another director crazy. He was very calm – even when the storm came.

Kill Bill Japenese Teaser Trailer

The Japanese Kill Bill website has a couple of new keyword codes that are now operational. Typing in ‘TARANTINO’ once inside the site starts what is apparently a teaser trailer airing in Japan (the dialogue is in English but there are Japanese subtitles). Very cool stuff.

Typing in ‘QUENTIN’ once you get inside the website reveals a weird partially-obscured photo montage of Tarantino.

Tarantino Gets Chance To Program A TV Network

Beginning on October 5th, and running thru October 13th, Quentin Tarantino has been picked to choose the programming for the cable network Trio. The show is called “My Trio” and is

aimed at giving well-known personalities outside the TV business a chance to program prime time for a week. Trio’s audience isn’t rated yet by Nielsen Media Research, so even guest programmers needn’t worry about losing their jobs.

Somehow, regardless of what he decides to put on the air, I can’t see Quentin fearing losing his regular job over this gig.

Lucy Liu Says Violence In Kill Bill Will Make You Sick

That may be an overstatement from Lucy, but it won’t come as a suprise to anyone familiar w/ Tarantino’s works to find gratituous violence in this film. Plus, since neither Mr. Blonde’s ear removal job on the cop in Reservoir Dogs or the accidental shooting of Marvin in the car during Pulp Fiction didn’t lead to mass vomiting, I doubt Kill Bill will either.

“It’s so violent,” she told press in Beijing while promoting Charlie’s Angels 2. “People will leave the movie theatre or get sick in the movie theatre. There’s so much violence that it becomes not numbing, but almost comedic. There’s a scene where there’s so much violence that the colour of the film goes into black and white, so that the blood looks like oil. It’s cinematic; it’s art.”