Daryl Hannah Calls Kill Bill Tarantino’s ‘Magnum Opus’

She claims that Kill Bill was partially influenced by MTV’s Jackass, and agrees with the decision to split the movie into 2 parts:

“That was the only thing to do because the script was that big,” she says of “Bill,” holding up two fingers about two inches apart. “It was a phone book. It was. It was the size of a telephone book and he added stuff while we were shooting.”

It’s his magnum opus — that’s what he calls it. It’s all the genres that he’s obsessed with: Japanese amine, Spaghetti Western and Kung Fu — it’s all combined in one.”

Aside from Tarantino’s well-documented love of Hong Kong martial arts films, the director was also influenced during the making of “Kill Bill” by a certain extreme stunts TV show.

“Oh, God. Johnny Knoxville, you suck,” Hannah laughs.

“Quentin discovered ‘Jackass’ the week we were shooting my fight scene. So then suddenly it became, ‘And today we’re going to throw snot in your face. And now we’re going to smash a light up in your face.’”