Video of Kill Bill Premiere

The article is just another general Kill Bill piece, this one focused on the four main female characters in the film – Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, Vivica Fox and Lucy Liu. But the video of the LA premiere is worth watching.

The Village Voice also has a long article/interview with Tarantino.

“It’s a sad cliche that most every director ends their career with a whimper,” says Tarantino, who was friends with Fukasaku over the last 10 years of his life. “You know, it’s like, ‘The sex drive goes, great! Now I can devote myself to my art.’ They didn’t realize the dick drive is connected to the art drive.” He’s either about to break into “Dem Bones” or embarrass himself, so he stops. For the moment.

They also get into Quentin’s foot fetish:

The small thing

Tarantino Gets Shot At TV

I originally mentioned this back in June, but Valerie from TRIO was nice enough to send me a reminder that Tarantino’s weekend of programming the cable network starts this Sunday, October 5th.

MY TR!O: QUENTIN TARANTINO is a 9-day (Sunday 10/5-Monday 10/13) deep genre festival featuring favorite films from Quentin’s personal library. For six nights – Sunday through Friday – we’ll run a drive-in-movie-style themed double feature, complete with vintage movie trailers. These films, which Quentin considers hidden gems, will begin and end with commentary from the master himself as he talks about violence in film and much more!

If you don’t have TRIO on your cable system (like me), you can check out how to get it here. If you are lucky enough to already have TRIO, the whole Tarantino week schedule can be had here. Plan your whole week around Quentin!


Kill Bill Review Thread

I’ll try to post as many reviews of Kill Bill v1 here as possible. So far, nearly everything I’ve seen has been overwhelmingly positive. Here we go:

Harry Knowles (cream-your-pants positive)

AICN Readers (very positive, 1 exception)

TNMC (negative)

Jeffrey Wells rips Kill Bill – then actually sees the movie.

I’m under a review-embargo agreement, but have you ever read and heard so much negative stuff about a movie you’ve started to believe it’s your own negative stuff, and on top of this you’ve allowed your cynicism about the editing and selling of a film to affect your view of what this film may actually turn out to be? But then you finally see the film and you come out staggering and amazed and resolved never to let advance hype affect your expectations again? I’m not referring to anything specific, of course, but you know what I mean.

Thats quite a turn around.

Dark Horizons review (positive)