Kill Bill Poster and Pussy Wagon Contest Winners

We have our winners. I got an awful lot of entries telling me how Kill Bill was Tarantino’s best film to date. If you are going to suck up like that, you’ve got to at least make it interesting. For the poster, I used a little child labor and got my daughter to randomly pick one entry – for the keychains, I picked the two entries I enjoyed reading the most. For the keychain winners, I’ve posted their entries below. Later tonight, I’ll have a page up with all the entries.

Winner #1 – J Weis (Kill Bill Poster)

Winner #2 – Sherman Somerville (Pussy Wagon Keychain)

I think the closest I’ve ever come to shitting my pants in a theater was while watching this movie. The shot to the head right at the beginning and the gun in the Kaboom cereal are what did it. I’m hopeful that Kill Bill will sweep the Oscars this year.

Winner #3 – Pieter Dom (Pussy Wagon Keychain)

“Kill Bill breaks down like this: it’s Yul Brenner meets Bruce Lee only to find out they both turned female.”


“No, man. Not the type you dig giving foot massages, but badass bitches.”

“Sounds like bang for my buck. That Tarantino guy is some helluva mushroom-cloudlayin’ filmfreak.”

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win this time, I’m sure we’ll be doing it again when Volume 2 comes out.


The′s – The Sound Of Kill Bill

The Japan Times has a big article on The′s – one of the bands on the Kill Bill Soundtrack. They also appear onstage in Volume 1 right before the big fight scene.

“When we met Tarantino on the set, he told us it was destiny that we’d end up in the movie,” says Ronnie, plucking out a bunch of ketchup-splattered french fries. Tarantino asked the band to perform the covers “Woo Hoo” and “I’m Blue,” and the original′s song “I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield” on the stage at the House of Blue Leaves, the rock ‘n’ roll izakaya in the movie, while people get chopped to pieces all around them.


Kill Bill DVD Release Date

DVD File is reporting that the release data of the Kill Bill DVD for Volume 1 will be February 3rd, 2004. It will apparently be a 2-disc set that’ll sell for approximately $29.99. Once its available, you’ll be able to pre-order from Amazon thru this link.

Also, here’s an email I received [thanks Peter] regarding the bootleg DVDs of Kill Bill appearing in the far east.

Just a quick note that KB1 pirate DVDs in various packages have appeared in China. The one I saw was apparently shot from the projection booth using a digital video cam. Cost RMB 10 (about US$1.25). Quality acceptable, espec. since there was no audible audience reaction except some nervous giggling during Uma’s under-the-credits panting at the beginning and a chuckle during the Sonny Chiba get the tea scene.

UPDATE: Those of you in the UK and Europe can pre-order the Kill Bill DVD right now from Amazon.co.uk.

UPDATE #2: Amazon has opened up pre-orders for the Kill Bill DVD here in the US also.