3 New Kill Bill V2 Posters!

Three new kick-ass posters for Kill Bill Volume 2 were revealed today. These blow the two previous posters out of the water as far as I’m concerned. I particularly like the one with the sword thru the ‘to kill’ list.

Also notice how the 1st and 3rd posters here both say ‘The New film by Quentin Tarantino’. I was wondering how they’d label this thing – whether it would still say the 4th film like Volume I did, or whether they’d call it the 5th film. This seems to be a good alternative.

UPDATE: The 1st and 3rd posters presented here can now be purchased from All Posters: Poster 1 | Poster 3.


‘The Passion’ Inspired By Reservoir Dogs?

So I’m reading a review ripping The Passion of The Christ apart and I run across this little gem:

The real model for this film is Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, with its relentless depiction of torture, along with every slasher movie that cloaks its intentions in a higher message.

Combine that with Roger Ebert calling The Passion:

…the most violent film I have ever seen.

and I’d say the gauntlet has been thrown down for Kill Bill 2 to be bloodier and more violent than the first volume.


Stephen King Hated Kill Bill

This seems pretty out of character for King – I don’t remember him ever being openly critical of somebody elses work like this. But, he clearly didn’t care for Kill Bill. King actually sent a letter to Entertainment Weekly magazine ripping Tarantino’s latest.

You probably saw some good reviews of (‘Kill Bill’), possibly even in (Entertainment Weekly). Don’t you believe it.

You should remember that movie critics see movies free. Also, they don’t have to pay the baby sitter or spring 10 bucks for the parking.

They’re thus apt to rhapsodize over narcissistic stuff like ‘Kill Bill,’ which announces itself as Quentin Tarantino’s Fourth Film, ain’t we la-di-da.

Ain’t we la-di-da? This coming from a man who’s name is featured more prominately on the cover of his books, than the actual title of the book. And he’s got the nerve to try and portray Tarantino as self-absorbed. Please.

Not to mention this book cover, for which he wrote the introduction for his own book titled: “The Importance Of Being Bachman”. Bachman was King’s pseudonym early in his career.


Tarantino’s Crush On Uma

Tarantino has such a crush on Uma Thurman its kind of funny to watch:

He revealed they were like a married couple “in every way” during the two years they worked on his epic martial arts two-parter. Speaking at a party in Los Angeles, Tarantino, 40, said: “I’m not saying that we haven’t (had sex), and I’m not saying that we have.

“We love each other, but we’re almost too close now to be a couple. We had our life together on Kill Bill. It was like a marriage in every way.”