Kill Bill V2 Wins ‘Oscar Minor’

I’ll let them describe to you what this award is all about:

They might as well be called the Short Attention Span Oscars, so dominated are the Academy Awards by films that open in the second half of the year. So, in recognition of all those award-worthy performances from January to June, we bestow our own mid-year movie honors: The Oscar Minors.

So without further explanation, Kill Bill V2 wins for Best Picture, Tarantino wins for Best Director, and Uma gets edged out for Best Actress.

Unofficial or not, its nice to see Tarantino’s work get recognized for its quality.


Various Stuff

This is a catch-up post since I’ve been a bit too busy to post everything that people send me. Better late than never:

Via Emilie direct from France comes a few pics of QT at the Cannes Film Festival:

The Miramax store has some very cool Pulp Fiction bobble head dolls.

XFM Audio interviews with David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, and Michael Madsen.

A long screed on Tarantino and the toilet? Not really sure what its about as I don’t have time to read it – but that doessn’t mean you don’t!

And finally, Brian has a question as to what kind of alcohol Bill was drinking in Kill Bill V2? Anyone know?