Tarantino In New Muppet Movie

I find it strange enough that ABC is going to make a TV movie with the Muppets based on The Wizard Of Oz, but adding into the mix that Quentin has a cameo role in it, and its just too much to digest. [thanks to reader Aly for sending in this link]

As the action is about to begin, the film cuts to Tarantino pitching to Kermit how the scene should be done — a cameo written specifically for the “Kill Bill” director.


California Misspelled On DVD Cover

An email from Mark:

I came across a mistake on the Kill Bill Box set Best Buy gave out with the purchase of Kill Bill 2. I am not sure you know of this yet but there is a mistake on the back cover. Elle Driver’s name is Mispelled. It is spelled on the cover “Cailfornia Mountain Snake”.

So, I went and checked the forum and sure as heck, there’s a picture of the mis-spelling right here.


Quentin Tarantino Presents ‘Hero’

The trailer for ‘Hero’ has been released, and looks pretty good. Hero [IMDB] is a Jet Li movie thats actually a couple of years old that Miramax has picked up for US distribution.

The reason I mention it here is that they are actually promoting the movie by making it ‘presented by Quentin Tarantino’ – in some lame attempt to capitalize on the vague similarities of this film with Kill Bill.

The movie itself looks decent enough, I’m just not a big fan of this kind of forced cross-promotion.

UPDATE: The poster for Hero is now available.


Everything Tarantino FORUM!

A year and a half after the site first went live, we’ve finally got a forum (update – forum closed)! Its nice and plain looking right now, but I’ll take care of that over the next few days.

Currently, the forum doesn’t require registration (but I’d encourage it) as we may end up requiring it somewhere down the line if the user base gets large and then you won’t have to worry about competition for your chosen screen name.


Kill Bill V2 DVD Released!

Today is the day that the Kill Bill V2 DVD gets released into the wild. Run out and buy 5 copies. Apparently, Best Buy has a deal where you can get a DVD sleeve thingy to hold both V1 and V2 in the same little package if you buy it there.

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