Tarantino and Johnny Knoxville?

Afraid so – though I’m actually a fan of Knoxville’s. But it appears that Tarantino is set to be a producer of ‘The Secret Life of Daltry Calhoun’, which stars Johnny Knoxville. Here’s the gist:

Black comedy Daltry Calhoun, set in Tennessee, will find Knoxville playing a one-time golf mogul who works to maintain his failing business when his 14-year-old daughter, a talented musician whom he hasn’t seen in years, comes to live with him.

Juliette Lewis will play Knoxville’s character’s love interest, with Elizabeth Banks, David Koechner, and Kick Gurry also on board. Sean Penn was formerly attached to the starring role.

Slightly more about the movie can be found here and here.


Kill Bill On Stage?

According to Twitchfilm.com, Tarantino has authorized Takashi Miike to create a stage play based on the twin sister of Go-Go Yubari from Kill Bill v1. Takashi Miike is the guy responsible for Ichi The Killer which is perhaps the most violent film ever made.

…when writing the screenplay for Kill Bill Tarantino originally gave Go Go Yubari a twin sister, a character cut out of the final script for pacing reasons. Tarantino and Miike talked about the character some and the end result was Tarantino giving Miike permission to direct a stage play based on the Yubari twin and the removed section of screenplay.

[Thanks to Todd for sending in the story.]


Tarantino At Venice Film Festival

Quentin spent this past weekend hosting a sideline event to the Venice Film Festival – the ‘Italian kings of the Bs’ festival. This B-Movie showing featured about 20 screenings of spaghetti westerns and erotic comedy’s from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.

Also, thanks to MP for sending in a series of photos of QT at the event. Much appreciated.

The Guardian story does end with a strange paragraph about Inglorious Bastards:

Tarantino is also reported to have bought the rights to reproduce a B-movie by another of his heroes, Enzo Castellari, with Samuel Jackson and George Clooney tipped to star in the remake of his 1977 Second World War comedy, Inglorious Bastards.

As far as I know, thats not correct. I haven’t heard Clooney’s name mentioned in a long time (though it wouldn’t suprise me), have never heard Jackson’s name associated w/ this movie, and it is most definately not a remake.


Kill Bill Casebook

Amazon has a new Kill Bill product with no description and I can’t find anything about it, but its a Kill Bill: An Unofficial Casebook. I assume its either an analysis of the movie, how it was made, and all its connections to the martial arts films that Tarantino mentioned as inspiration, but thats just a guess. They also have a Kill Bill 2005 calander.

Also, I thought I’d just put up some of the Kill Bill DVD product images from Japan. We really seem to get screwed when it comes to the cool cover art. I didn’t include any links since these DVDs aren’t playable on Region 1 DVD players, but you can grab any of these from amazon.co.jp if you really want them.