Schwarzenegger In Bastards?

The rumors of Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone I’ve heard and reported before. I believe they are a real possibility. The talk of Schwarzenegger I think is bogus.

Here’s what Quentin supposedly said:

“I’ve said it once and I am going to say it again. I want Bruce, Sly and Arnold for my World War II epic. I have always dream of having these 3 superstars together in a movie. Initially Inglorious Bastards was suppose to be in production way back in 1998 with these casts but I shifted my attention on my other projects such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Sin City.

No source, just a couple of quotes. And it sounds awfully silly for Tarantino to have shifted his attention to Pulp Fiction 4 years after its release.


Kill Bill Swordsman In Philly

If you happen to be in or around Philadelphia on April 1st, you might want to stop by the Philadelphia International House and see the Sword Masters Kamui, who appeared in Kill Bill. [thanks to John for the tip]

Japanese sword masters Kamui, who choreographed and appeared in fight sequences in the hit movie Kill Bill, take to the International House stage to demonstrate traditional sword fighting techniques. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to try out some of Kamui’s moves during this interactive presentation.


Inglorious Bastards Split?

Film Focus has an interview with Michael Madsen in which he talks about Sin City and the upcoming Inglorious Bastards.

Yeah, we were talking about Inglorious Bastards a couple of hours a go,” Madsen told FilmFocus, “he’s got an interesting idea of how to make it. I think he’s going to cut it up into a couple of different parts, ‘cos it’s a big story to tell and he doesn’t want to cram it all into one show. I don’t know the whole story of how he’s going to do it but eventually we’ll get there, you know.”

Madsen also told us the project was one very close to him, “I’m looking forward to doing it,” he said, “my father’s brother was killed in World War 2, my dad was in the Navy and my cousin Kenny was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. I’ve always wanted to play a soldier and being able to do it was Quentin is obviously going to be a great time. A great experience, you know. I think his take on it is gonna be… different. It ain’t gonna be the norm that’s for sure.”

Please tell me that cutting Bastards into multiple movies is absolutely necessary. Splitting Kill Bill ticked off alot of people, and probably hurt the movie’s chance at being seriously considered for many awards. Lets hope we aren’t headed down that road again over a film that might be 30 minutes longer than the studio would like. Please, QT – one movie.

Untitled Mandarin Film Details?

Could this be some details about QT’s Mandarin language film?

Martial-art star Donnie Yen also said there was a good chance that he would work with Tarantino but he did not say more.”

Yen in a Tarantino flick? Could happen … he is the lead star of Iron Monkey, a flick Tarantino lobbied hard to get into North American theaters, so they’re certainly familiar with one another. There’s no source on this, so I have no idea how reliable the information is, but this could very well be the break that brings Yen into the western world in a big way …

Thanks to Todd from Twitch Film for the heads up.


Kill Bill For The PSP

Both Kill Bill and Hero will be among the 1st films released for the new Sony PSP. The format for these films is called UMD, and they are supposed to retail for between $19.99 and $28.95 – which I find ridiculous considering they will only plan on the tiny screen of the PSP.

I really wish somebody would make a portable game player that accepted regular DVDs, and would use standard digital camera memory modules instead of relying on proprietary technologies. Heck, if photo printers can have 3 or 4 different types of memory card slots on them, why can’t the PSP.

Amazon is currently offering pre-orders for the PSP bundle that comes w/ 5 games. The PSP gets released on March 24th.


More Confirmation Of Inglorious Bastards

FilmFocus has an interview with Tarantino where he confirms (or as close to it as he ever gets) that Inglorious Bastards is next, probalby followed by the Mandarin language film.

“I want do a Mandarin language movie, but I’m not sure it’ll be the next movie. It’ll probably be the next movie I do after the one I do next. I’m doing Inglorious Bastards next. It’s my bunch-of-guys-on-a-mission movie. It’s my World War 2 movie.”

The film will star Michael Madsen for definite, more on that later in the week, and names like Adam Sandler and Bo Svenson have been circling around the project. Tarantino told us it was too early to talk cast, but that he has some people in mind.

I’m glad to see that QT is being consistent with what he’s telling people – that indicates to me that he has likely made a decision and isn’t just winging it when asked about future plans.


Kill Bill Combined

The QT Archives has some long awaited info on when a combined Kill Bill movie & DVD will be released from Tarantino himself:

“It will be Kill Bill the Japanese version – the four hour movie all together with an intermission in the middle. It will probably be the first release from Miramax’s new company, first at cinemas and then on DVD. It will also probably get a higher age rating. We had to cut it when Miramax was part of Disney but now we can do whatever the fuck we want.”

No dates on those releases yet, but I’d expect something before the end of the year.