Brosnan Back As Bond Again

Apparently, the Bond people couldn’t find anybody better to play James Bond than Pierce Brosnan, so they convinced him to stay on as Bond for Casino Royale.

Previously, Brosnan had said that the only way he would continue playing Bond was if Tarantino was involved in the making of Casino Royale. But, it was reported back in February that Martin Campbell will direct Royale.

So now I’m left wondering if Brosnan just backed off his demand to have Quentin involved with the film, or if there will be a forthcoming announcement that Campbell is out and Tarantino is back in. My hunch is that this is just Brosnan backing down, but we can always hope.


Tarantino CSI Plot Revealed

The episode will be called Grave Danger, and CSI Files has the details, but below is a small summary from Monsters & Critics:

In the
episode, main character Nick Stokes is kidnapped by someone with an apparent grudge against the CSI team. By the time he wakes up again, he’s trapped in a coffin, together with his loaded handgun and a tape recorder with a message telling him it’s probably best to kill himself, as he’s going to die anyway. There’s also a webcam in the coffin, which transmits an image back to the CSI lab…

The episode is the season finale and will air on Thursday, May 19th. [Thanks to Christian for the heads up]

Zoe Bell, Kill Bill Stuntwoman

A documentary entitled Double Dare follows the story of Zoe Bell, the girl that ended up being Uma Thurman’s stunt double in Kill Bill.

In the film, Tarantino admits he came close to calling off his martial arts-fuelled Kill Bill movies, which were saved by Bell after he grew disappointed by the karate experts who auditioned for him in Los Angeles before he started filming in Beijing, China.

Tarantino says, “Zoe had to work out. We didn’t have anybody. We were shitting bricks.”


Tarantino Begins CSI Episode

Filming has bugun for Tarantino’s episode of CSI.

When he came in to talk to us, he told us this story about how he felt he had discovered the show when it first came on the air and he was an instant fan,” said Mendelsohn. “I mean, there’s Quentin Tarantino in our writers’ room. And he loves television. He’s watched every TV movie, every TV show and he pitched out the first idea and we said, ‘You don’t have to go any further. It’s a great idea.’”

The episode will have more bugs and blood than usual, and Shankar notes, “It is much more of a thriller than we normally do.”