Brosnan Back As Bond Again

Apparently, the Bond people couldn’t find anybody better to play James Bond than Pierce Brosnan, so they convinced him to stay on as Bond for Casino Royale.

Previously, Brosnan had said that the only way he would continue playing Bond was if Tarantino was involved in the making of Casino Royale. But, it was reported back in February that Martin Campbell will direct Royale.

So now I’m left wondering if Brosnan just backed off his demand to have Quentin involved with the film, or if there will be a forthcoming announcement that Campbell is out and Tarantino is back in. My hunch is that this is just Brosnan backing down, but we can always hope.



  1. If only they would have asked Tarantino to direct this. After all, he was the one who suggested doing Casino Royale and using Brosnan one last time, both which have happened. Oh well, here’s to hoping Inglorious Bastards gets underway soon and is friggin’ awesome!

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