Tarantino To Make ‘Grind House’

Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are going to write and direct a horror film called Grind House.

Miramax Films golden children Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are teaming up to make a film for the new company established by the studio’s founders, Bob and Harvey Weinstein.
Tarantino and Rodriguez will each write and direct a 60-minute horror film, and the two films will be packaged under the title ‘Grind House’, which is planned for a spring 2006 release through the Weinstein Co.

Tarantino says that this could be the first in a series of films. No official word on what this does to the timeline for getting Inglorious Bastards finished – but I smell a delay.


Madsen Leaks Inglorious Bastards Details

Michael Madsen has spilled the beans on Inglorious Bastards. Apparently, the script is complete, and filming is supposed to begin later this year.

Madsen also dropped a few names as folks already cast:
Michael Madsen (of course)
Adam Sandler (long rumored – QT and he are pals)
Tim Roth (first I’ve heard, but not suprising
Eddie Murphy (say what?)

I certainly didn’t see Eddie Murphy coming, and considering he’s done pretty much nothing but kids movies for the past few years I figured he’d taken himself out of the serious movie game. But, I think he’s actually a great choice. Because of his stand-up comedy roots, he’s great at the kind of on-screen conversational banter that QT loves to write.


CSI: Grave Danger

So what did you all think of Tarantino’s CSI episode last night. I thought it was easily one of the better episode’s the show has ever had. It was also nice to see some of Tarantino’s influence show up in the show. Most noticably for me was the two conversations – first between Nick Stokes and the black CSI guy in the locker room, and the second between the old guys at the bar with the CSI’s dad who ended up giving them the $1M.

CSI Files has a roundup of the reviews for the episode. Largely positive.


Kill Bill 2 Award Nominations

Kill Bill V2 was nominated in three categories at the MTV Movie Awards [thanks to Clarence for the heads up]:

Best Fight: Uma Thurman & Daryl Hannah
Best Picture: Kill Bill 2
Best Female Lead: Uma Thurman

The winners are apparently determined by votes from fans, so head over and vote for Kill Bill.


A Tarantino TV Series!?

The CSI Files has a very interesting rumor/tidbit that was thrown out there by Tarantino about his work on the CSI finale episode.

Besides his love for CSI, Tarantino said he had one other reason for agreeing to helm “Grave Danger” — to prepare himself for a full-scale move into television. “I’m interested in doing a show of my own,” he said. “This was testing the water. There are some ideas that I’ve had for movies that are too long. Most people aren’t down with four hour movies. But TV has caught up with my aspirations. You could truly do these stories as a TV show.”

So what would this TV series potentially be? Certainly not the long rumored Vega Brothers, I can’t see that working in 30-60 minute chunks. Maybe a Kill Bill like show, something along the lines of the old Kung Fu series with David Carradine. There sure isn’t anything like it on TV now.

It’d be interesting to see what he had in mind. Most of QT’s stuff is told from the perspective of the villian/criminal – would that approach work on TV where the good guys have to win once a week?


Redesigning EverythingTarantino

I’ve begun working on a redesign of this site and thought I would solicit the opinions of everybody about it. I’m not planning on a major overhaul of the layout – just some very noticable refinements in the color scheme, font, and size of certain features.

But is there anything that you folks want me to incorporate into the design that isn’t already here?

And beyond the design, is there any Tarantino-related content that is missing that you would like me to add? (Four Rooms info is already on my list).