A Tarantino TV Series!?

The CSI Files has a very interesting rumor/tidbit that was thrown out there by Tarantino about his work on the CSI finale episode.

Besides his love for CSI, Tarantino said he had one other reason for agreeing to helm “Grave Danger” — to prepare himself for a full-scale move into television. “I’m interested in doing a show of my own,” he said. “This was testing the water. There are some ideas that I’ve had for movies that are too long. Most people aren’t down with four hour movies. But TV has caught up with my aspirations. You could truly do these stories as a TV show.”

So what would this TV series potentially be? Certainly not the long rumored Vega Brothers, I can’t see that working in 30-60 minute chunks. Maybe a Kill Bill like show, something along the lines of the old Kung Fu series with David Carradine. There sure isn’t anything like it on TV now.

It’d be interesting to see what he had in mind. Most of QT’s stuff is told from the perspective of the villian/criminal – would that approach work on TV where the good guys have to win once a week?



  1. i’m sure it will be something worth watching at least.

  2. i think that it’ll be worth watching, but QT toned down for tv? i don’t know…

  3. Yes, I saw Tarantino on Letterman last night. It’s too bad they didn’t talk too terribly long and a lot of it was about Elvis. At least he had some funny stuff to say on Frankenstein.

  4. Regarding the TV show, I would prefer him to stay into making motion pictures and films, but I am sure the show would be awesome as well. I would guess it would be on HBO or something due to strong language and violence.

  5. If he does do a tv show, I hope it isnt put of some fucking channel that will bleep it out

  6. Maybe Inglorious Bastards is his TV show. Micheal Madsen said that is was going to be split up into different parts. But I would rather see that in theaters than in a TV series

  7. yeah, im not sure about the whole edited tv idea with qt though.

  8. I doubt inglorious bastards would be the series. but i also can’t see kill bill being it (she got her revenge) but the vega brothers could take it. it will still need Madsen and Travolta. I can’t see them doing TV though.

  9. i missed tarantino on letterman?! why wasnt it posted on this website before it aired?

  10. i would be okay with a tv show being on HBO or something, but i’d rather him just stick with film.

  11. I would also rather see Quentin doing a movie.It would be weird seeing Quentin doing a TV series.I would rather see QT doing a Vega Brothers movie than a Vega Brothers TV show.

  12. it won’t be any sort of adaptation of one of his movie. It would be good if it was once a week, as said told by the villian. Or a show where the villian actually wins sometime!

  13. Tarantino’s movies are NOT about the villains! Pulp Fiction is about Sam Jackson QUITTING A LIFE OF CRIME, it’s about redemption, not evil. Reservoir Dogs is about a police officer who accidentally kills an innocent woman and is racked with guilt and eventually confesses to his partner in crime he’s a cop so he can be killed as pennance. Jackie Brown was obviously a hero. Kill Bill, The Bride was obviously a hero who quit killing and took Bill out! Quentin Tarantino isn’t amoral at all, he just looks that way if you don’t pay any attention at all to the choices his characters make.

  14. Everybody seems to be complaining about a TV series because it would be edited. Where in the article did it say anything about that? I could name about three dozen shows off the top of my head that are completely uncensored. From Sopranos to South Park, you can see all manner of extremely popular, extremely unedited goodness on the air.
    Secondly, why the hell not? Do you think that he couldn’t pull it off or something? Aside from Lost, there aren’t that many fresh shows with quality. Hell, seeing brand new Tarantino material every week? That sounds FANTASTIC to me.

  15. I personally am not complaining about Tarantino not being able to pull it off because I know he would be able to. And like you said, there are plenty of unedited shows out there ( cable only, nothing public ). I think it would be cool, I just would prefer him to stick with movies.

  16. As an art form, television and film are identical. The only difference is that television is episodic and film is, well no wait. Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and even Reservoir Dogs are all built like a few episodes of a tv series anyways! Each chapter of Kill Bill would be a single episode, each story in Pulp Fiction would be a single episode. The only difference is that you’d have to wait a week between each one (I’m sure it’d be on HBO or something so there’d be no commercial breaks or censorship), and if you can wait like, eight months between KB 1 and 2, a week is nothing.
    I say that if this is what QT wants, it’s what the fans want. A great artist can’t be satisfied by one thing and it’d be unfair to QT and to ourselves to demand he never create a story more than three hours long. If television is the environment that will bring about great works from a great artist, then that’s his perogative and we’d better be happy he’s actually doing something.
    But seriously, his movies are already like TV mini series so you wouldn’t see a single difference between his movies and TV series, except that with the TV series instead of one movie every four years, we get thirty to sixty minutes of movie from QT EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Anyone who doesn’t want that needs their head examined.

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