CSI: Grave Danger

So what did you all think of Tarantino’s CSI episode last night. I thought it was easily one of the better episode’s the show has ever had. It was also nice to see some of Tarantino’s influence show up in the show. Most noticably for me was the two conversations – first between Nick Stokes and the black CSI guy in the locker room, and the second between the old guys at the bar with the CSI’s dad who ended up giving them the $1M.

CSI Files has a roundup of the reviews for the episode. Largely positive.



  1. I hate CSI, but, I loved last nights episode. I think the black and white dream near the end was just halarious.

  2. I’m a huge CSI fan and really enjoyed the episode last night that Taratino directed. My heart was up in my throat, the whole show was really well written. Great story. I LOVED the good ole Tarantino touch in the dream Well done.

  3. I also thought this was an excelent episode. One of the most obviouse influence’s for me was when Grisom was talking to the kidnapper and he said, “Normally you’d be one hundred precent right, but this time your one hundred precent wrong” (Same line from Kill Bill Vol. 2). All in all a great episode!!

  4. I agree, I really dislike CSI, and I think I’ve seen somebody buried alive no less than 5 times, but that episode was incredible and somehow original in every way.
    I wonder what effect Quentin will have on “Muppet’s Wizard of Oz”…

  5. I went to see Star Wars and i forgot to tape it. I feel like such an idiot. Does anybody know when it will be on again? If you do, please tell me.

  6. What was that song when they put the cassette tape in the player?

  7. OH MAN!!! Last night’s CSI episode was like, the best episode of CSI there is. I wish I had taped it to be able to watch it again today.

  8. It was a great show! I haven’t watched CSI in years, and just tuned in ’cause of QT.
    It had all the elements of a QT film:
    music, check!
    guts n’ blood? yes please!
    quotable quotes uh huh!
    side note-anyone know the tunes that were being played in the show?
    Later QT fans!

  9. yeah guys, awesome episode! hey can anyone tell me why that box started cracking? i had to step out for a second and missed what happened there. thanks

  10. The box started cracking because it was under a lot of pressure for a considerably long time, plus it was so the ants could get in. I’m no expert on boxes/fiberglass, but I think that’s why.

  11. The cracks started because Stokes fired a bullet into the light, putting a fracture in the structure – that allowed the stress of the weight of the dirt to start messing with it.

  12. I don’t watch CSI, but I checked this one out. It was very good, but I wouldn’t call it awesome. The one scene that stood out the most for me though was the autopsy dream sequence near the end. It was SOOOOO Tarantino. It had blood, guts, black humor, and some cool country song playing in the background, it also had some black and white frames. It reminded me a lot of the Buck scene from KBV1.

  13. it wasnt too bad. i was happy to see a lot of tarantino trademarks. i was really expecting oldies music with a tragic scene and BAM, that happened. probably my favorite part was when the music was being played with the one csi agent in the coffin on cam. :)

  14. yeah, i gotta know the song playing on the coffin scene by the way! the one that was on the cassette tape that got mailed to the csi crew!

  15. The song on the tape sent to the CSI crew is “Outside Chance”, by The Turtles.

  16. ahhh, the turtles. i only know “so happy together” when it comes to them.

  17. Wow, normally I am one of the first ones to write in, but I wasn’t there the night it aired, so I taped it and just now watched it. It was the best CSI episode I have ever seen, and that includes CSI:Miami and CSI:New York! Everyone already touched on the good music and the amusing dream sequence, which worked very well. I hope Tarantino directs the season finale of Miami or New York for next year’s seasons. He did an amazing job, and all the actors did very well!

  18. Another amusing note which ties in in a funny way is that The Turtles did the song Outside Chance on the tape that was sent to CSI. Well, in Kill Bill Vol.1, when Uma Thurman is about to fight Lucy Lui, the song Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood plays as they start to duel. Although the song in the movie was done by Santa Esmeralda, it was actually a remake of the same song, except it was originally done by…The Turtles! :)

  19. actually, the animals did that song, “dont let me be misunderstood.” not the turtles. unless the turtles did a version too?
    and eveyone who has been long time csi fans are saying this finale was the best episode EVER.
    qt is the master.

  20. Does anyone have a clip of QT in the “Muppets Wizard of OZ?” I missed it. :(

  21. Well jaw-knee, I am sure you know what you are talking about so thank you for the correction. I have actually never heard of the Animals. However, the Turtles did do a version of that song, so I guess we are both right.

  22. Easily one of my favorite episodes of CSI. I felt, and maybe I imagined it, but it sure did feel like the actors on the show were excited about the roles.
    The little story in the locker-room made me smile just because you could really feel his hand in it, and it worked.

  23. Definitely my fav episode ever. The dream sequence was hilarious. Exactly QT’s sense of humor. Thanks to those who posted the name of the Turtles song used. I really liked it and want to download it.

  24. Just what C.S.I has been in need of…some cast indangerment!I loved it at the same time it kept me on edge for Nicky’s life!*I cryed a lil* and I laughed!It looks like George would have been a great country singer,But he has the hunky actor thang going for him too!More options Nicky!lol!Luv you always!

  25. I think the episode was wonderful. I loved it. The conversation between Nick and WARRICK (black CSI guy) and when Nick was talking to the tape recorder with Grissom reading his lips were excellent touches.

  26. When Grissom said “No, you never did Nick” after reading Nick’s lips. What did Nick say?

  27. I was trying to figure that out too, but I don’t know. Does anybody know the song that was playing at the end of the episode, that had the words, “You, my only friend, this is the end.” in it? Thanks.

  28. Have an answer for you ^^ In the french version of this episode Grissom said “No Nick you never disapointed me”
    mystery solved! ^^ Here’s my question what the song at the beginnig, when sarah is cleaning the finger ? on the forum they said “strontium dog – Tendency” but looks like this song never existed!! Can’t found any information anywhere!! not even about the artist or any album
    If anyone has an answer….Thanks!

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