QT On Letterman

A shot of Tarantino on the Late Show with David Letterman from last week. Here are more photos of Quentin’s arrival to the show if you want.



  1. what perfect timing. on the show with elvis’ widow.

  2. Ya, they talked about that and Elvis a lot. I learned some stuff about Quentin I didn’t know.

  3. i didn’t get to see it. did he mention anything about any of his films etc.?

  4. Unfortunately, no. He talked about Elvis, an old Frankenstein meets Costello movie that he loved as a kid, and some other stuff that took up most of his time. Unfortunately, no Inglorious Bastards or any other upcoming movie information. Oh well.

  5. Yeah,I thought it was bullshit that Letterman kept talking about Elvis. There main priority should have been to get Quentin on there because Quentin did not talk very much compared to Elvis’ widow.

  6. True, true. Oh well, I just wanted to remind everyone about something. This Thursday ( May 19th ), try not to get all caught up with Star Wars Episode III looking like it will be friggin’ sweet ( and a whole lot better than the first two ) because I don’t want anyone to forget that that same day that Star Wars comes out is the season finale of CSI, directed by Quentin Tarantino. I just watched CSI: Miami and saw 2 different commercials for the season finale of CSI and I got goosebumps! Looks amazing; don’t forget to watch it!

  7. yeah, i really wanna see that. what time does it come on?

  8. Well this episode is 2 hours long. I live in Arizona so for me it is on from 7 to 9. So it just depends what time zone you live in. Could be 8 to 10, 6 to 8, or something else.

  9. I will have to tape the CSI episode because I am going to see Star Wars at 7.

  10. Anyone see the CSI promo for the season finale?
    It shows someone carring a bag, from a low angle.
    Oh Quentin! You and your bag fetish!!

  11. Let’s see if we see a camera angle from the inside of a trunk in a car! That would be amusing!


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