Sin City 2!

Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that he will make a sequel to Sin City, tentatively titled A Dame To Kill For. No word on whether Quentin will have any involvement in the film.



  1. Excellent.Loved Sin City, but SC2? Schweet.

  2. awesome. sin city was possibly the best movie of 2005. and i never make bold comments like that. it was really that good.

  3. I liked Sin City, but that is because I read the comic book. Even though if I didnt read the comic book I would have liked it. But Sin City 2 will have no comic book to base the storyline on. It would still be cool but I think I will wait for DVD.

  4. Ofcourse the next Sin City will be based on one, of the many graphic novels. Their are more than one chief. Frank Miller wrote all of them a while back ago.

  5. Ya, I first heard about this from JoBlo.com a while ago. Even more interesting, JoBlo posted that Rodriguez would film SIN CITY 2 and SIN CITY 3 back to back. It would save money and get things done quicker. I heard the start date was January of 2006, as Miller is currently working on a script! I saw Sin City several times just so it would gross enough money to greenlight a sequel or two, because ( I agree with misterpink867 ) I feel that so far, it is the best film of the year and deserves some more screen time! Can’t wait!

  6. To further correct QT Fan a little bit more, there are at least 4 more stories that I know of that can be told for a sequel or two. A Dame To Kill For, Family Values, Booze, Broads, and Bullets, and Hell and Back are 4 stories that could be used that I would love to see brought to the big screen!

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing ADTKF on the big screen… I wonder if they’d get two separate guys to play Dwight, or just use greenscreen facial putty/make-up to simulate Dwight’s old face and use Clive Owen the entire time?

  8. Good question. But however they do it, I know they will pull it off. It will be strange to see what Clive Owen looks like bald, presuming they use him ( like they should )!

  9. i’m not trying to be a geek here, but “Booze, Broads and Bullets” is a collection of short stories, not a whole novel. it actually has the short story, “The Customer”, which is the first scene of the first Cin City movie. the part with josh hartnett. however, there are still alot of cool short stories that they could take from it. there’s a particularly awesome one with Dwight called “The Babe Wore Red”. it’s a good book. pick it up if you’ve got the cash.

  10. Have you seen te previews for Robert’s new movie. It is just like Spy Kids which sucked in my opinion. His new movie is The Adventures of Lava Girl And Sharkboy in 3-D. I dont know why Robert did Spy Kids so I have no idea why he is doing this one.

  11. hes doing it for his kids, he did spy kids for his kids, he doesnt want them seeing any of his other movies yet.

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