V3 Partially Online

The re-design is only live on the front page, and even it isn’t complete. But, I figured putting it up 85% done would get me motivated to finish it since I don’t like people dealing with unfinished product.

If you have any usability issues with the new layout, please take a screenshot of the problem and send me an email with the pic and your browser info. [admin - @ - everythingtarantino - dot - com]


Daryl Hannah Quits

Kill Bill career revival be damned? After resurrecting the career of both David Carradine and Daryl Hannah with the film, they haven’t exactly set the world on fire with new roles. And now, Hannah is quit acting to save the planet.

“I won’t be doing anything for a while because I’m focused on environmental issues. I live in a solar-powered house built with eco-friendly materials and things salvaged from a 19th century barn.

“I also drive a 100% bio-diesel car. I try to follow this ideal through all aspects of my life.”


Redesign Launching Soon

It has taken me way longer than I expected, but over the next week we are going to launch the new look for the site – it is quite different from what you see now. I’ll be posting a preview screenshot of the site this evening for the interested.