1. I would get it but there is not very many features on it. I really want to watch it though.

  2. In a few months they will put out a Sin City DVD with a lot of extra features and call it a Directors Cut or something like that. They always do it. It’s a rip off.

  3. Sadly I know this and i’m still going to Best Buy for it in a few minutes. I’ll just buy the special edition when it comes out as well. If i really like the movie, I usually buy both editions. Its messed up that studios double dip like this. But if i always waited for special editions, i still wouldn’t have the Kill Bill dvds.

  4. I understand but they always bite me in the ass for this. I woulda waited for the Kill Bill thinking that there would be a box set of both DVD’s and a another Special Features Disc but I was wrong. Everytime I bought a DVD a few months later there would be a special edition.

  5. Besides,The Simpsons Season 6 came out today and I already bought. There’s 40 bucks down the drain. But It’s money well spent.

  6. IGN: Knowing that there will eventually be multiple versions of a film released on DVD, how do you make sure that your audience is satisfied with each of those iterations?
    Rodriguez: Well, usually I just put out one. With this one, they are already putting out one that comes out [August 16] that is just bare bones. I had not put anything extra on that, because I didn’t have time to finish my DVD extras. They will put that out four months later because of piracy and stuff like that, and they actually don’t put anything on there so that they know, ‘well, this isn’t the real DVD.’
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  7. Hey QT Fan, thanks for repeating everything I said under Comment #9 of RODRIGUEZ DETAILS GRIND HOUSE. Anywho, it looks like December will be when the Special Edition comes out, so I will hold off for that. The only reason I bought both bare boned Kill Bill films is because it could be years before they get their special edidtions. I can wait 4 more months for Sin City.

  8. It’s all good man, I am just giving you a hard time. I didn’t mean anything by it, lol.

  9. has anyone bought or read the making of book? it looked kinda cool, but i didn’t want to spend a ton of money without some feedback.

  10. sup my native american homie. sin city is dope. tarantino is tha man, i mean come on he did cast samuel L. in pulp fiction. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i like sin city because it has lots of kool actors in it. jessica alba is hott. i would like to do her. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  11. The special edition is way worth it, each story will have extra scenes in it. They had to trim down all three stories for time. So the special edition will be like 15-20 min extra.

  12. This doesnt have anything to do with Sin City but Quentin is gonna be on NASCAR. Just so you know.

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