Tarantino To Present At Emmys

Along with CSI’s William Peterson, Quentin Tarantino is going to be a presenter at this years’ Emmy Awards.

Not sure if that means he’s a lock to win his 1st Emmy (for the CSI finale episode, Grave Danger) or not. My guess is he’ll win.

“I wanted to make the ‘CSI’ feel like a movie, but it was also important that I not take more time than any other director,” Tarantino, who also had a hand in writing the script and who came up with the story idea, says. “TV is a lot precious about stuff. In a series, if you like the first take, that’s it, move on. It’s also such a different dynamic to be working with actors who have been playing the same characters for five years and know them inside-out.”

Tarantino had such a good experience with the “CSI” folks that he’s already plotting his return trip to television. He hopes to put together a limited-run series where he writes and directs all of the episodes, “like one big arc/novel. Maybe around 12 episodes. I’m gonna look into that next year.”



  1. He better win it. It’s about fucking time QT wins an emmy. That is, if he wins. But he should.

  2. Quentin should be focusing his attention on Inglorious Bastards, nevermind this TV rubbish. Unless he has his show on HBO, i don’t see how it can be very good at all… especially with no vulgarity (all tarantino fans have come to expect it) and a commercial every two seconds.

  3. I think he could do great dialogue and action without swearing/violence… but this wont happen. “im gonna look into that next year”?? So, in 2006, he’ll start thinking about it… what’s he gonna do in the meantime?

  4. In the meantime, I hope he finally does something with Inglorious Bastards, then Grind House, then TV, in that order.

  5. I hope Quentin spends the next year doing a lot of coke and having sex with every girl he possibly can. That way, I DEFINITELY won’t be disappointed!!! ;)

  6. He’s gonna do Grind House next instead of Inglorious Bastards.

  7. I know, but he shouldn’t. Maybe he can work on both at once.

  8. Im looking forward to a QT TV series, its really great for him because he will be following the tradition of shows like Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt, Amazing Stories etc. Except this will be a QT series which will RULE! Cant wait.
    What I hope QT does now is do Grindhouse then go right into pre production on Bastards. Forget about Grindhouse’s premieres and all the shit and just get going on Bastards and let Robert do all the press for it.

  9. Hmm… perhaps Inglorious Bastards could be the tv series.. after all, wasn’t the script he wrote for it very, very long? In Entertainment weekly, around the time of Kill bill vol 2, it said he had written enough material for 3 movies, which takes us to around maybe 6 hours? that’s enough for 9 hour-long tv episodes (network tv that is), around the amount needed for a mini-series. i wouldnt mind seeing it on tv, at least we’d get to see it.

  10. My idea was that he may shoot Bastards for theatrical release and use the other non-Bastard stories as the base of his TV series.

  11. I’ll just watch Pulp Fiction on my PSP from now on. I’m sick of waiting for him to make the “Big” project rather than this side stuff.

  12. Why would anyone watch any movie on such a tiny PSP screen when you could use a much larger TV with better picture and sound?

  13. yea but can you transport a TV in a car or bus or watch it at school. It is sure as hell beter than nothing

  14. well I have it in both formats for maximum fun. its better than just staring at your hands

  15. I am still with QT Fan on this one. Watch a movie in the comfort of your home like you were meant to. In the car or on a plane you can listen to music ( maybe even a soundtrack from a Tarantino movie ), read a book, or play PSP, Gameboy, etc.

  16. I don’t like that reasoning because with that logic you could say don’t listen to records because music was ment to be herd live. Its just not pratical to listen to music live just like its impratical to watch it at home if you can do it elsewhere easier.
    Just my $0.02

  17. I see your point, although I didn’t ENTIRELY mean it in that sense, but I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. Either way you look at it, Pulp Fiction should be watched and enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

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