1. 6 Hours?! Holy shit! I think I’d rather watch one long film, I dont want to wait several months for the second part like with Kill Bill.

  2. BTW, that report is false. QT is doing Bastards as a film and the Sly, Arnie stuff isnt even true. So disregard that stupid BS. Brett, ya gotta make sure the reports are true, thats total rumor stuff.

  3. Ya, part of that article is old BS but the part about IB being 6 hours? That would explain why he has been working on it for 5 or 6 years. I just hope it goes to theatres, even if it is split in two parts. Seeing it on TV just wouldn’t be the same.

  4. it damn well better be 6 hours!!! i’ve been waiting for so freaking long!

  5. well here’s my problem
    if that’s an actual tarantino quotation why would he have shifted his attention in 1998 to other projects like Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Sin City?
    Pulp Fiction was long since made and done with, and Sin City wasn’t even in the works yet. So i dont’ know what that’s about. Probably b.s. don’t think even the original big script quentin wrote (the true romance, reservoir dogs, natural born killers) was that long.

  6. Inglorious Bastards sounds like it’s gonna be the best film ever made the way it’s been built up. And IT BETTER BE!

  7. its brown – everyone here agrees with that. The Arnold quotes are bogus, but they aren’t from the same source as the info about Madsen saying the script will run 6 hours.

  8. story does seem sort of bogus, but i have heard from a different source that he might turn this into a tv series, and i know he’s really happy with tv as a format now, especally after his CSI experience

  9. The TV thing might be a possibility, then again just because right now it’s a 6 hour script dosn’t mean the final draft will be that long. Alot of editing could be done in the future.

  10. i hope that it’s not tv. it’ll probably end up being on HBO or showtime or something. i only have basic cable. i would suffer.

  11. When I clicked that link it said crap about it being a TV miniseries not a movie. Also, Michael Madsen talks out his ass so much about stuff its not even funny. Remember when he talking about the Vega Brothers movie? Now, I dont know about anyone else, but I dont give a crap about the Vega Brothers at all. I hope QT doesnt ever make that.
    The script is 6 Hours long: How can Madsen know how the long the script is? Its not even completely finished yet. Maybe he meant it took him 6 hours to read the first draft QT gave him.

  12. It actually just says ‘series’, not TV miniseries. I took that to mean a series like Star Wars or any other sequel/trilogy.

  13. I think I can speak for everybody when I say that I don’t care how long it is, I just want it to COME OUT already!! I need my Tarantino fix, dammit!

  14. Brett: If thats the case, sorry about my ranting. It sounded like they were saying its going to be a Cable miniseries like Band of Brothers or something.
    I just hope QT doesnt wait too long after hes done with Grindhouse to start Bastards. Death Proof is only an hour long, its like a TV show episode. That shouldnt take long to shoot at all. Then we have to wait ANOTHER year for QT to finish “editing the script”, so it probably wont be done until like 2010. Holy crap, do we have to wait that long?

  15. I’d like to believe that QT will just keep on working once Grindhouse is done, but I wouldn’t be suprised if he took a year or two off.

  16. Youd think with all the clout QT has, he’d want to keep making movies. I mean what does he have to do otherwise? All he does is watch movies, write a little and go out on the town and hang with his friends anyways. I dont really like that thing he said about “only 15 more years in the biz” either. He should make movies til hes almost dead. Just because he cant “get it up” when hes old doesnt mean he cant keep making good films.
    QT should keep working yearly so when he does retire in 15 years, he’ll have a good filmography behind him.

  17. Dont say that. Then he’ll put off Inglorious Bastards till he’s 90.

  18. I think QT will put out movies as long as he’s able to put out quality films. I think he takes so long to put out movies because he wants to take his time and put out quality films. Unlike other people in the biz that can put out quality films but also put out garbage. QT wants moviegoers to get there monys worth instead of pushing something out just to make a few bucks.

  19. I agree with that, but I do think that besides taking a long time to make his films great, he also just takes off a lot of time to kick back and lounge, which I feel could wait until retirement,when he has stopped making movies.

  20. and didn’t he say that he wanted to run a small theater after he retired? to like, get him away from all of this and to just relax? yeah right. i can tell you right now, i would be one of the first to go see him there. he can’t escape the fame.

  21. Your all dummies waitin for Tarantino to make his best flick yet. He hasnt made a decent film since pulp fiction. He made a mistake making a Kung Fu and a blaxploitation movie because i didnt like them and alot other didnt like’em either. So dont get your hopes to high ok ?
    . I dont understand what a director does so can someone tell me ?

  22. Hell yes liked them. Kill Bill in someways is his best movie yet. It is his best directing movie yet! He gets a little better each movie at something. And Jackie Brown kicked ass too! Where can you go wrong with Samuel Jackson, Robert Foster, DeNiro, Pam Grier, Bridget Fonda, and Michael Keaton!

  23. This guy is another troll trying to start trouble. Just ignore him.

  24. As a German-American, I am wondering how QT will be portraying the Germans in this coming movie. I know they will be nazis, but at the same time, will there be more depth to the characters on the German side besides evil villains? I am hoping that we will see some redeeming qualities in at least some of the Germans so as not to villify them as the History Channel has already taken that road. Dont give us any good Nazis, Quentin, but please, put in some good germans (german soldiers, to show that even in war, even amongst the ranks of “the others side”, there are still good men).

  25. Im pretty sure QT will show the human side of the Nazis as well as The Bastards (who will all be criminals themselves). Dont forget all his films so far have been about criminals/outsiders of society and the humanity even they have. I hope QT definitely has some hardcore Nazi deaths in the film though.

  26. You guys should not just sit on this web site and bitch about what quentin disides to do next. He’ll do what he likes. Thats the way he has always been. If you wait and relax you will see Inglorious bastards. Until then wait and enjoy what comes next

  27. It’s great to hear that Tarantino’s got this happening, I’ve been a fan ever since Reservoir dogs and have loved all of his material since then. For Inglorious Bastards to be six hours long and have previously been in the works for 5 or 6 years; says a lot about it. But for two parts to be three hours long, oh fuck! Die hards will dig it. But can Quinten pull it off? Only the very best can do it, this will prove if Quinten has what it takes.

  28. If you guys can’t wait for a good Tarantino fix, you should check out some of the outstanding foreign films he promotes (if you haven’t already) Park Chan-Wook’s OLDBOY is absolutely amazing (and dare I say it, better than the kill Bill’s) also check out Hero, possibly the best kung-fu film to come out this millenium.
    I hope Tarantino delivers the goods the same as anyone, but i am kind of worried that he is wavering slightly on his quality. Hope he proves me wrong.
    Resoect him though for promoting great films which may have not got the (western) audience they deserve if it wasn’t for him.

  29. Quentin has made it well known that one of his favourite movies of all time is Where Eagles Dare (‘the best men on a mission movie’ he claims). There has been talk that once he got Kill Bill out of the way, he would then resume work on his homage to that film, calling it ‘Inglorious Bastards’.
    If you are reading this Quentin or his agent, I propose that he should give a part to English actor Derren Nesbitt, who was so memorable as Major von Hapon, the Gestapo officer in Where Eagles Dare and thereby creating a nice link between the two pictures.
    I would love to see Derren playing a similar creepy role, maybe as an older Nazi General in this movie. He can certainly nail that accent!
    So today I start my online campaign to get Derren Nesbitt in Quentin’s World War II epic.

  30. Film is an incredible thing. It is one of the best ways to feel emotions you rarely feel on a day to day basis. Think about it, how often do you feel truly afraid, or sad enough to cry, or disgusted enough to vomit. Only through the power of film can you feel these emotions on a regular basis. Tarantino is a master of this art. I highly respect him for taking the time to do a movie right. To often nowadays do you see high-budget movies rely on advertising instead of the script, the very soul of the movie. Tarantino knows how to make a good movie, and if he needs more time to make it great I’d be happy to give it to him. I’m tired of watching “fluff”, or movies that dont make me feel anything. Tarantino is the man, and we should not rush him

  31. tarantino is working on grindhouse, that i guess is going to be something prettty similar to four rooms, he will finish maybe in december of this year, then he going to take a little holiday and then probably in september of 2007 he will put the film on the cinemas- anyway is not the fucking film that we see every week, is a masterpiece, i think that we should wait watching sin city 2 and oldboy

  32. Yo I think QT is great and all but he’s starting to get on my nerves with all these little side projects hes doing. Death proof I heard isn’t going to be that great. I don’t need to see enough QT epic like kill bill. From the sound of it IB is a rip off of the dirty dozen.
    I want to see quinten do a smiple film along the lines of reservior dogs and pulp fiction. And this fucking samurai epic I have heard he wants to make. Jeez wasn’t the kill bill stuff enough for him. Why doesn’t he just move to fucking japan.

  33. This is all bull shit. First off, all quentin movies are good. Pulp is the best, then dogs, and so on. The best part of a QT movie is by far the dialouge. I wish he would make a movie that doesn’t try to just dazzle us with the visuals and outlandish stuff like Kill Bill did. I did like the movie though. But i wish he would make another movie that just has a lot of his clever dialouge and quirky characters.

  34. By the way, the Nazis were ruthless criminals. Just like the Germans were in WWII. They have finaly figured out to just be cool.

  35. 1. Kill Bill did have all the quirky dialogue that was found in pulp & dogs. if you didnt think that the dialogue lived up to much, then i suggest watchin’ it again and open your ears to all the humour, wit, sadness, basically the story which is told through the dialogue.
    2. In an interview with madsen in Empire he said that the Inglorious bastards is script is infact bordering the 6 hour mark. Empire dont print shit. and there interviews are all genuine.
    3. Tarantino wouldnt bring this out as a tv show because he would have to miss out so much stuff and would have less say over the project than if he made it as a feature length film.

  36. alright so i live in cheltenham a little town right outside philadelphia. my mom and sister both work at a bar called breens. now little over a year ago, i was told that they were going to be shooting a movie there about the penn relays,i didnt really think anything of it because well who wants to see a movie about the penn relays. but like a month ago the director comes in to check the place out. now this might be bullshit it might not be but word around the campfire is its quentin. The owner of the establishment wasnt there when he came in but a friend of my moms was bartending, and called the owner at the jersey shore where he’d been at the time. so she tells him the director had stopped by, so he asks her his name, apparantly not a big tarantino fan she goes “i dont know he directed pulp fiction or something” so she told my mom my mom told me and now im sitting on some big news. So naturally i had to find out whats what. searches came back with no results. but the possibility of another movie on his plate is enough to baffle anyone. if anyone finds shit out let me know

  37. Kill Bill did not have nearly the dialouge as his previous movies. There is no comparing it. Kill Bill was still good, but no where near what pulp and dogs were. I agree that he would never release bastards on TV, not even HBO. He likes to command his features.

  38. and pulp is not the best, true romance is. although he didnt direct it he wrote it, which is still good. pulp is a very close second

  39. hi i just wanted to know, why the movie language is also in albanian, can someone explain that?

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