Tarantino Trivia

If you know your Tarantino trivia, and could potentially be on the Jimmy Kimmel show this Thursday, email me, now!

UPDATE: This opportunity is now closed. The segment is scheduled to air on the Friday episode.



  1. I know a lot, but probably not enough. I just saw Natural Born Killers, and it’s absolutely the most insane fuckin thing I’ve ever seen. This movie makes Hannibal pale in comparison. I still wanna see whatever that scene with Denis Leary was, but I don’t have the DVD

  2. I think i’m pretty good (compared to anyone I have ever met in person) but I’m not national TV good. I’m definatly watching Thursday

  3. What kind of criteria are you using to weed out perspective people for this thing? I could give it a shot.

  4. I was just on the Jimmy Kimmel Live website. Is it definitely Thursday? The schedule has him listed as being on the show for Friday.
    But it doesn’t mention anything about a trivia contest. What’s the point of the trivia contest and what do you win?

  5. Theres more news on Grindhouse, I dont see it posted yet:
    For his half of Grindhouse, QT is shooting “Death Proof” a slasher film. But in his film instead of a knife the killer will use a car.
    RR is shooting “Planet Terror” a crazy zombie film.
    QT says he is doing fake exploitation film trailers for A Blaxploitation film, A Spaghetti Western and a Kung Fu film. As well as a Sexploitation film trailer called “Cowgirls in Sweden”.

  6. Pete’s information is correct and there is also information about Tarantino doing Kill Bill Vol.3 in 10 years with The Bride’s daughter as the main character, information on Inglorious Bastards, and information on Sin City 2 in that article.

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