Poker Tourney

Wish me luck boys, I’m playing in the Online Poker Blogger Championship Sunday.

UPDATE: There were 1400+ players and I ended up finishing around 150th. I didn’t see the exact number because I was a bit steamed after going all in with KK and being up against AA. Oh well.



  1. Then I am sure you are the best poker player ever Buddhatang!

  2. Hahahah, wouldn’t that be funny if Quentin was a poker fan. Then I’m sure you’d endorse the game.

  3. NEWS:
    Aussie actor John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) is up for a role in Grindhouse and may be in Inglorious Bastards as well. QT is a longtime fan of Jarratt and showed one of his older films at this years QT 6 Fest.

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