1. Brett…don’t ban me…I like the site….but don’t be so gay with Quentin Tarantino…I mean the guy is a hack who blatantly steals from other films and uses tacky camera shots…his films have no soul and they also try too hard to be “cool” they fail in grasping any part of humanity…

  2. Question for Buddhatang: If you hate Quentin Tarantino so much, what makes you love this site considering that it is about Quentin and news involving him?
    Brett, ban his sorry ass. His stupid comments have lost their entertainment value.

  3. he seems to actually have a heart now but….
    it doesn’t really make sense to visit a site that praises a guy that you like.

  4. Yeah, I figured it was a mistake that you said “like”. I make stupid little mistakes like that all the time.

  5. being a huge fan of tarantino’s work, i only need to say 2 things. pumped for grind house, and wizard of oz… muppets… wtf?

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