Sin City DVD: Recut, Extended, Unrated

The extended Sin City DVD art has been released, the DVD itself is available December 13th (pre-orders are open now). Some of the special features in this 2 disc release include:

  • 124-minute theatrical release
  • The 147-minute extended cut
  • A commentary with director Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller, and with Rodriguez & Tarantino
  • A 15-minute film school with Rodriguez
  • 17 uninterrupted minutes of Tarantino’s segment
  • 4 featurettes on the cars, special effects make-up, costumes and props, a featurette on how they convinced Miller to assist with the film, a featurette on casting, a featurette on Tarantino the guest director
  • Trailers, bloopers, interactive game
  • Packaged with a graphic novel, “The Hard Goodbye”
  • bret


    1. My favorite film of the year so far. I didn’t buy it in August when it came out because I knew this was coming. December 13th is going to rock so hard. Not only is this coming out, but The 40 Year Old Virgin ( unrated ) and a special edition of Airplane! I better start saving up. Haha, happy thanksgiving everyone!

    2. So this comment has nothing to do with Sin City, but I just found out that GRINDHOUSE will come out on September 22, 2006. Mark your calenders ladies and gentlemen, mark your calenders!

    3. Cant wait for this one! Im glad I didnt bother buying the first release.
      Grindhouse next September? Sounds sweet to me! Ill be there opening day!

    4. man, it was so hard seeing all of those sin city boxes back in august, and not buying one. i’m glad that i waited…

    5. I said fuck it and bought it in August. I also shelled out for a damn good bootleg a couple of weeks after the flick hit the theatres AND I will be buying this one! So much for the Pirate film business hurting the industry!
      Can’t wait for Grindhouse. There can’t be enough Tarantino in theatres if you ask me. It’s like going to concert or Rocky Horror or something. It’s better than seeing just anyone’s films.

    6. The movie Sin City has the most gratuitous violence and nudity of any film ever made, surpassing Egyptian Blood Feast even. It has many Hollywood stars in it, although they are difficult to recognize because of all the scars and disfiguring sh*t on their faces. It should have been nominated for Oscars in categories for “Best Revenge,” “Best Improbable Survival from Multiple Fatal Gunshots, Stabbings and Hangings,” “Best Old-Man/Young-Virgin-Turned-Stripper Romance” [Ed. Note: The Anna Nicole Smith story has not, as yet, been made into a movie] and “Best Cinematography Where Absolutely Nothing is the Right Color.” I give it two amputated thumbs up.

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