1. This film looks pretty good and it has a great director and cast behind it to boot. I’m there.

  2. it’s nice to see john madden behind an elmore leanord movie.

  3. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I think this whole ‘Quentin Tarantino presents’ thing is just QT’s way of staying in the spotlight without doing anything.

  4. yeah i know. but it looks like the grindhouse thing is moving foward pretty well.

  5. QT is doing Grindhouse, so thats enough. I’d really be pissed if he was only doing the Kill Bill stuff for another year. As far as the QT Presents thing, I think its cool. I just hope the films he attachs his name to are good.

  6. i haven’t really understood why he attached himself to hostel. it doesn’t really seem like a movie that he would be associated with.
    i don’t know…

  7. “Tarantino Presents” is no different than “Speilberg Presents : Goonies” or “Speilberg Presents :Gremlins”
    Its a way of getting people who might not see a certain movie otherwise, to go out and see it.Alot of people trust his judgement on what is or isnt an enjoyable film.
    I dont understand why you dont understand why Tarantino would put his name on a film like Hostel, though.

  8. i told you why. it just doesn’t seem like a film that he would be associated with. it looks okay, but it’s that kind of over-the-top, b-horror, “saw” movie.
    now, when he attached himself to “hero”, i understood. he grew up loving those kung-fu movies.

  9. He grew up loving over-the-top horror movies too.
    I mean thats why hes making , “GRINDHOUSE”.
    Also Eli Roth is an old Troma film alumni, and Quentin has always been a fan of Troma films.

  10. you’ve got a point. i just, for some reason, don’t really get the connection with QT and this one.
    but it’s okay. i’m sure that he’ll be attaching his name to a million more movies.

  11. Quentin Tarantino Presents:
    Whos The Boss Movie
    - finally bringing Tony Danza and Judith Light back into mainstream cinema.
    (May seem ridiculous, but remember he was the most publicized inclusion on the Muppets Wizard Of Oz .)

  12. i still haven’t seen that Oz movie. did anyone catch his cameo? is it worth renting for?

  13. lol alright. that’s about what i expected. i’ll give it a shot.

  14. O/T: Taratino on Conan O’brien tonight, 12:35 pm, NBC. :)

  15. So I just got the Conan message like 2 mins. before it was on, so I watched it and now I am back. Kind of a short interview, but it was funny. “LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED/THE ROOF, THE ROOF, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE”! Great stuff. Next year, I want to go to Iceland for New Years. Maybe I will run into Tarantino himself, that would be awesome.
    P.S.- Conan is the best late night show ever! Better than Leno, Letterman, Daly, etc.

  16. yesterday was my birthday, and i got the extended, unrated, recut sin city dvd. needless to say, it’s amazing!
    there’s a special feature on the dvd called “the long take” or something. anyways, it has QT interacting with the cast on the scene he directed. it’s pretty cool. check it out.

  17. QT will be on Jimmi Kimmel’s show again this tuesday………. and he’ll be on Carson Daly on the 13…. god! Carson’s show sucks, but I’ll still watch it just for QT..:D

  18. QT was also on Tyra Bank’s show, and I totally missed it! Grrr. Here a link to the promo clip.
    The show was about his foot-fetish??
    Damnit, anyone have the video?

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