Hell Ride Is A Go

MTV is reporting that Hell Ride has been greenlighted.

According to longtime Tarantino collaborator and leading man Michael Madsen, who is set to star in the movie, Tarantino just recently received the good news. “It’s a motorcycle picture,” Madsen reported, squinting and rasping in his trademark style. The film, which Tarantino will produce, was written and will be directed by actor Larry Bishop. “He was the one in the [strip] club [in 'Kill Bill 2'] who tells me to take my hat off,” Madsen said. “Hell Ride” will be “reminiscent of the ’70s, those motorcycle pictures they made with Joe Namath; the really bad B-movie motorcycle movies,” he continued. “We’re gonna make it like that, but in modern times, with that kind of idea behind it. I think that’s what makes it fun.” The project, a revenge-fueled tale of three “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – type characters, is slated begin filming soon. …

As with anything Madsen reports about Tarantino, take it with a grain of salt. Madsen has reported to the world about 10 times that Vega Brothers was a go, only to have it revealed as wishful thinking.



  1. I dont know, with Mike, he talks out his ass quite often.haha. He was the one rooting for The Vega Brothers to happen, a film that should never be made EVER EVER EVER.
    Did you guys see Beyond The Law with Chaz Sheen? He was a biker in that too. He was really great in it.

  2. At least madsen is gung ho to do everything, granted QT is actually working right now on grindhouse, but it seems like he never does anything. He should take a cue from his buddy robert rodriguez and work all the time and put out amazing dvds. Ok, lame post, but more on topic, this project does sound like it could be pretty fun.

  3. QT just doesnt work that way and as much as I complain, I’m glad he doesnt put out stuff as much as RR. I like RR, but I’m actually not too big of a fan of his films. I mean Spy Kids? Shark Brat and Lava Skank? I didnt even really like OUATIM. Sin City was cool tho. I hope QT never starts doing that kind of junk. Id much rather QT keep his films like a special event for his fans, not just tossaway stuff that RR seems to do on a regular basis.

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