1. for some reason the main site for hostel doesn’t work on my computer. can you help me out?

  2. i could only play the trailer in german or something. but whatever. i cant wait to see this…then be sick…the scream. fun times. quentin your sick and twisted and need proffesional help. but i love you all the same.

  3. oh my goodness, this is going to be some kinda sick little movie! i cant wait, i know im going to puke and so will everyone else eh? good times.

  4. I can’t wait!
    I hope the DVD will come short after it appears on cinema, so I can buy it. My parents won’t take me to see it =/

  5. Dude Hostel wasn’t even directed by Tarantino. His name was on the movie to get more people to come and see the movie. Also the movie sucked, I dont even know why Tarantino put his name on it, didn’t he watch the movie? I dont think he did, because if he did he would never have agreed to it.
    Lots of T&A, very nice, but the movie out right SUCKED
    ~Johnny (Straws)

  6. Get a real hero, fellas. Quentin had some good stuff early on, but he brings foreign stuff over here like Oldboy or Hero so he can copy it. On the Hero DVD he spends as much time plugging Kill Bill 2 as he does interviewing Jet Li. And there’s a difference between a ‘homage’ and a serial rip-off. Find the source of his stuff and you’ll see some good movies. All he does now is devour them and regurgitate garbage.

  7. omgggggggg i sawthis movie it was GREAT but holy shit sikn weird butgood stuff

  8. this is disgusting and people wonder why kids get messed up and kill small animals in their backyard i cant believe this im disgusted with all of you

  9. omg i watched the clip when the guy cuts out her eye and i almost threw up and now my tummy hurts lol i dont no if im gunna see it

  10. shit this movie really rocked i liked everything the movie the blood the chicks ou la la Loll the boobs EVEERYTHING

  11. Another shit movie that describe eastern europe as a shitty place…cant believe this…will sue those bastards…the same happened with the movie euro trip..
    Btw. the movie was shoot in prague czech rep…..dont know, why they made slovakia from it..maybe because of the dumm us producers_? For u a horror …for us a shit commedy.

  12. Its based on true events! i’m never going to Slovakia haha!

  13. I´m from South America and just watched the movie tonight, and I really loved it!!! Eli Roth is a great director definitely. Normally i just find terror movies kinda boring, because they usually dont scare at all, but this one got me paying attention every second, not just because of the boobs you find in it, because of the story that could be so real, i dont wanna go to europe anymore! (kidding!)…….

  14. this film is awful!! id rather have a conversation with a badger

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