1. These are some pretty badass posters, too bad the US one isn’t as good.

  2. yeah, the US one sucks bad.
    a lame “saw” rip-off? no thanks.

  3. yeah, the US one sucks bad.
    a lame “saw” rip-off? no thanks.

  4. Why is it all the foreign countries get these sickass horror posters but we get a freakin pair of artsy looking pliers on ours? Gimme a break!

  5. so the movie looks rockin. but it, as well as the lame ass american movie poster, look like saw ripoffs. hopefully the actors and actresses in this movie can act. the storyline for saw was strong but the movie itself sucked. hopefully quentin isnt associating his name with shit material. but until he gives me a reason not to trust his judgement im gonna say this movie will be amazing.

  6. It looks like one of those movies that is violent just for the purpose of being violent. I will definately go see it but i just dont want it to be too excessive w/ its blood and gore.

  7. It looks fucking awsome. I actually liked Saw and Saw 2, but meh..this one looks like it’s going to be awsome.

  8. Hostel truly marks the beginning of the end times. The end of civilization as we know it. Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on this race of mankind. And Tarantino seemed so benign.

  9. The commercials alone look too violent. I love Quentin…but I have to ask myself if he’s gone too far…

  10. Hostel sucks just to tell allwho have not seen the movie. Eight legged freaks was scarier. I cant belive QT was part of his film.

  11. Hostel was not scary at all. Not only that, it was badly made. Don’t see it.

  12. don’t ever talk shit about carpenter’s the thing. It was Intensly terrifying from the start, with terrifing mystery. A hideous monster that takes any form. An environment so isolated you don’t ever feel an ounce of mercy from the director. Relentless fear and suspense, unlike an hour of college antics before you even get to the lame freshman film school gore of hostel, and then a cheery get away safely ending. The thing ends with every one fucked. Keith david and Kurt russell sitting in the snow knowing they are going to freeze to death, all their comrades are done in, and they sit back and take it like men.
    During the testing of everyones blood, who doesn’t wince when everyone gets their thumbs slashed? And I still don’t have the timing down for when the blood leaps from the dish away from the hot wire, It makes me jump (and anyone else, I gaurantee it) every time.
    The kill bills were silly and spunky with the retro style fetishes but were clearly the begining of the end for tatentino. As the black album was for metallica.

  13. Hostel just seemed like standard horror movie flair to me. It followed the same formula that mainstream horror movies jhave been following for years! It follows that formula right down to the gratuitous nudity. It didnt deviate once, it had the parts where it tried to be funny, it had the requisite “jump” sceen (where something makes you jump out of your seat) even though that scene was horribly done…It also had the “happy” ending. I expected more from this movie but instead I was treated to hollywood fluff! Tanrantino needs to quit slapping his name on other peoples movies because it’s bringing down his reputation…at least in my eyes.

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