Hostel #1 At Box Office

Taking in approximately $7.6 million on Friday, Hostel has the top spot in the box office race for this weekend. Current projections are for a $20 million opening weekend – an awesome start for a film that only cost $4.5 million to make.
Congrats to Eli Roth (JoBlo interview) for the success, and to Tarantino for pimping the film to a bigger audience than it would have otherwise seen.
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  1. hostel wasnt what i was expecting it to be, i was expecting a lot more killing and all that jazz but it was still a good movie i loved it. it was a good idea but i can think of a lot of things to make the movie better.

  2. I really hated hostel. Violence and nudity doesn’t create a movie on its own, they help but a movie needs to have more going for it then this. And it didn’t.

  3. Not horror films. I dont love Friday The 13th or Halloween for their deep emotional stories. Sorry but youre wrong.

  4. definately a must for horror fans… that eye cutting scene was pretty gross tho. otherewise, classic tarantino

  5. yea i know, i was implying that it was remniscent of classic tarantino films.

  6. yea i know, i was implying that it was remniscent of classic tarantino films.

  7. Not the shocker I expected, but I still liked it. I think QT would of made it all lot better, if had more to do with it. The DVD should be fun…watching in slow mo LOL

  8. ‘classic tarantino films’ is barely plural…

  9. yea it was pretty cool… i didnt like it as much as cabin fever tho

  10. Good movie.Nicely shot.J.F.K. blown away ,what else do I have to say?

  11. hostel was crap and i cant believe i went to see it just because it was linked to tarantino i feel cheated and ive lost all faith in him. i loved his films before but im not gonna make the same mistake that i made with hostel. that was (to put it nicely) a massive steaming pile of poo.

  12. I love how so many people went to see it simply becuase the name Tarantino was on the poster. He was exectutive producer, he had no creative input whatsoever. His name being on the serves the film far much publicity than it really deserves.

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