Hostel Hits Theatres

No info yet on how well it did at the box office, but it shows up as the 6th most popular film as of Friday on the Box Office Mojo website.

If you are going to go this weekend, feel free to email me with your thoughts on the film and I’ll aggregate them into a post. I’ve got too much other stuff already scheduled to see it until next week.

A couple of the Hostel movie posters are now for sale over at Movie Goods. Click the posters below to buy them.

Hostel movie showtimes

Hostel Soundtrack (released 1/24/06)



  1. I LOVED Hostel, I saw it Friday night and last night too! It really freaked me out big time!!

  2. CRAZY movie! Very gorey, but gore well done! Definitely freaky, and classic Tarantino. Go see it!

  3. Its one of those movies that grows on you after you leave the theatre

  4. tat film is big piece of bullshit. I really don’t know, why retarded americans think that people in europe lives in caves.

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