Killshot Details

For those looking for more detailed info on Killshot, the Elmore Leonard weblog has a bunch of information, including some set visits. The film isn’t scheduled to be released until November 26th.

Some background, this is another “Quentin Tarantino presents…” film with QT serving as Executive Producer. He’s held the film rights to the novel this film is based on for years – Killshot by Elmore Leonard – and supposedly wrote a script for the film (which is not being used). He then hired Christopher McQuarrie to write a script (Usual Suspects), which is also not being used. I’m not sure what this carousel of screenplays means for the ultimate quality of the film.

Also: Elmore Leonare also wrote Rum Punch, which was the basis for Jackie Brown.



  1. goddamn! what the hell is wrong with Mickey Rourke’s face??

  2. This is a good follow-up production. I am excited because Elmore Leonard is in my top 3 favorite pulp novelist. Dashielle Hammett and Dashielle Loveless are up there too. I wonder if we’ll see the Sam Spade stories with Bruce Willis reprising the role of the great Bogie in “The Maltese Falcon”. Or maybe, “Five Shots and a Funeral” is more up his alley. But, I am anticipating this film to hit theatres in November, {knock on wood}.

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