Hostel DVD Announced

The details for the Hostel DVD have been announced. It is going to be released on April 18th, and will include the following special features:

  • Commentary:Director Eli Roth
  • Commentary: Director and Executive Producer Commentary with Quentin Tarantino, Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel and Eli Roth
  • Director and Producer’s Commentary with Chris Briggs (producer) and Gabriel Roth (documentarian)
  • Director and Guest Commentary with prominent online film pundit Harry Knowles
  • ‘Hostel Dissected’ Making-of Featurette
  • ‘Kill the Car’ multi-angle interactive feature
    It will also be released on UMD for the Sony PSP following the DVD release.

  • bret


    1. Sounds awesome! I’m lookin forward to hearing the commentary tracks with Eli, QT and Harry!

    2. I missed Hostel in theatres, but I am glad I did because now I can watch it in its Unrated glory. Although, I must say, the time from its theatrical release to its DVD release (3 months) is one of the shortest I have ever seen.

    3. Those theatre to DVD dates are just going to keep shrinking. We’ll probably even see some simultaneous releases for crappy movies within a year or so.

    4. hostel + unrated= awsome movie
      I cant wait to see just how much blood eli roth can pack into one film.

    5. well actually it’s only uncut by a few seconds said eli roth in an interview. just some parts like cars driving for a few seconds and maybe a second more blood are included. nothing special

    6. I can’t wait for this movie to come out on dvd unrated of course so i can see as much blood and gore as i can fuck yeah

    7. antoher master peice from the man himself Ouentin Tarantino

    8. this is kick ass and i fucking loved it was the best horror movie ive ever seen it was fuckin kickass

    9. so check it this movie was tight yo. these niggas can really put up a fight for a grammy or wuteva. peace out this movie is tight as hell doggies.
      yo bro BEN

    10. Master piece no! blood fest yes!
      Tarantino’s production work yes! but did someone pay him a lot ov money to produce that storyline or what? i think it was money or very good sex! i can’t quite decide?!
      Please Tarantino if you read this can you produce something to your usual standard because i was extremely disappointed. Where was the twists and turns? where was your ever so famous attempt to fuck your head up while keeping you guessing only to throw you from begining to end throughout? Oh my god, they cut people up! Oh my god, they pay! Oh my good, you are so Original ! only ever so slightly!
      Finale? what finale? i wanted a climax!
      To everyone who has no seen it yet watch if you want blood/goor and a lot of sick and wrong, please go for it, but if you are expecting usual Mr T work forget it.
      Sorry Tarantino, i still love you. Please pick a better storyline next time.
      From a true scouse bird xxx

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