Hostel DVD Released

I forgot to mention that the Hostel DVD was released on Tuesday of this week.

DVD details are after the jump

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Commentary:Director Eli Roth
  • Commentary: Director and Executive Producer Commentary with Quentin Tarantino, Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel and Eli Roth
  • Director and Producer’s Commentary with Chris Briggs (producer) and Gabriel Roth (documentarian)
  • Director and Guest Commentary with prominent online film pundit Harry Knowles
  • ‘Hostel Dissected’ Making-of Featurette
  • ‘Kill the Car’ multi-angle interactive feature
  • bret


    1. I was looking forward to this being released as the “unrated” editon of hostel and i have to say that i was dissapointed. The commentary with Eli, Quentin, and the other producers is great but the rest of the stuff is barely above average. They hardly added anything to the movie in terms of being bloodier or deepening the story. Also, during the commentary Eli and Quentin talked about an alternate ending to the film… yet strangely this ending is nowhere to be found on the disc. I took this to mean that they are going to release this mediocre dvd now and five months from now come out with a two disc special edition. The movie is still great, so if you loved it(like me) then you should still buy this… but dont be surprised if you see a new edition of hostel on store shelves around fall.

    2. There will no doubt be another DVD released with the extra endings and cut scenes. It is kind of dissapointing, but I never got to see it in theaters so I don’t really care that much. I did enjoy the commentaries and featurette. Those were worth it, for now.

    3. From what I got from the commentary tracks, the original spec ending was never shot. It was not in the shooting script. I like the shot ending as is for the tone of this horror movie. But, if the movie was a psychological thriller, the original ending would have had the disturbing descent of Paxton as the payoff.

    4. I am a huge fan of horror movies. I heard alot of hype about HOSTEL so i went & bought it. Some people said it was better than SAW 2 but I have to disagree. I like the story of HOSTEL but it was kind of a disappointment because I was expecting more out of it. I’d give it six out of ten stars. I’ve heard rumors that Q.T. is filming a movie in Leakesville MS. I think that’s an excellent idea because I am from that area. I’d love to see people’s reactions to a horror movie made in their own home town. I personally have to admit I have a sick & twisted mind. I’ve wrote, produced, directed, and acted in a short horror script for my drama class and am in the process of writing a sequel. Back to HOSTEL I think with a little improvement it could quite possibly be the best film of the century. If you have any comments or suggestions about my thoughts and/or ideas e-mail me at tool_man069@yahoo.com I would love to one day test my skills as a horror film writer, producer, & director.

    5. Hostile….. What the hell man? Was there suppose to be a scary part in the movie because i apparently missed it. Hostel is the worst movie since Jason X.. Could of been better. i wouldn’t recommend buying it..

    6. I liked the 1st hour of hostile. Basically because it was nothing more than soft-core porn. After the naked girls I almost lost my interest in the rest of the movie.

    7. I loved Hostel, disgusting but BRILLIANT!
      I thought it kicked ass in the end! WOW, I can’t get over the ending! It was better than sex, this comming from a nympho who hasn’t got laid in a year.
      It made me miss Quinton, oh I want this man. He can whip me anytime!
      This movie rocked! More please, More! This movie is a work of ART! BRILLIANT FILM!

    8. That was in my top three all time worse movies ever. Beaten only by “Shark Attack” I think it was called and some other shark movie I can’t even remember.
      If someone needs a good horror complete with suspense and gore, Saw and Saw II. It looked like Hostel was trying to mimic the Saw movies though the only really scary thing about Hostel I could find is that Tarantino would put his name on it as producer.
      ***** SPOILER *****
      Don’t want to say to much to ruin it for people who haven’t yet watched it and want to, but I didn’t get the motivation. Didn’t understand the market. No concept of that market.
      The brunette guy wasn’t consistent with his character. Terrible writing.
      One of the last scenes with the girl…oh the special effects were just awful! She’s only breathing hard during the getaway but then is shown crying in the car again? That was TERRIBLE.
      Had it not been so late I would have stopped it 30 minutes in. The worse ever. Terrible.

    9. I guess the movie will only interest the likes of Armin Meiwes. Soft porn and gore = boring.

    10. I don’t think this film is perfect.It’s not even a horror.I respect QT’s wark, but I really don’t like this film.

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