QT Presents… Dragon Dynasty

Former Miramax gurus, the Weinsteins are starting a new label called Dragon Dynasty [thanks to James for the heads-up] to release a bunch of Asian films in the US market – with Quentin Tarantino’s help of course. So don’t be suprised when you see a whole slew of ‘Quentin Tarantino Presents…’ titles over the next couple of years. The first batch of rumored films to be released includes:



Death By Stereo Logo

Notice the similarities in the logos?

It was pointed out in the comments to this article about the Death Proof script cover that the logo on Stuntman Mike’s car is very similar/identical to the logo for the band Death By Stereo.

Now, we can’t read too much into this as it is just a script cover, and not something that typically gets spread around for public consumption. So maybe somebody just slapped the logo on there because they thought it looked cool. But maybe there’s a possible soundtrack connection. Maybe.

By the way, the actual image I used for the Death By Stereo logo is from this belt buckle. Or, maybe we should start calling it a Stuntman Mike Belt Buckle.



This site made my whole day: Tarantinotes.
They are a cover band that plays nothing but songs from Tarantino’s films. And they do it while in costume as characters from Tarantino’s films.
The site has three audio clips and loads of pictures of the band on stage. If I wasn’t already married, these guys would definately be at the top of my list for the reception.


Reservoir Dogs Video Game

Its been over a year since I grumbled about the idea of a 2006 release date for the Reservoir Dogs video game, but it now appears likely to be released in the Fall of this year according to Eidos.

According to Eidos, the videogame will provide players with the opportunity to “fill in the blanks” left open by the original motion picture. Eidos states that the game, a third-person shooter which will stay true to the film’s original plot and chronology, will follow the progress and planning of the ill-fated heist and will answer questions such as “What happened to Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown?”, “Where did Mr. Pink hide the diamonds?”, and “What actually happened at the heist?”

IGN has a couple of images from the game up as well. (thanks to Paul for the heads up on this story)