Reservoir Dogs Video Game

Its been over a year since I grumbled about the idea of a 2006 release date for the Reservoir Dogs video game, but it now appears likely to be released in the Fall of this year according to Eidos.

According to Eidos, the videogame will provide players with the opportunity to “fill in the blanks” left open by the original motion picture. Eidos states that the game, a third-person shooter which will stay true to the film’s original plot and chronology, will follow the progress and planning of the ill-fated heist and will answer questions such as “What happened to Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown?”, “Where did Mr. Pink hide the diamonds?”, and “What actually happened at the heist?”

IGN has a couple of images from the game up as well. (thanks to Paul for the heads up on this story)



  1. awesome. i’ll definately pick this one up. does anybody know if QT is associated with it at all? like did he write these “fill-in-the-gap” parts? or is it just some dude at eidos trying to copy QT?

  2. I don’t know how this is going to work as a video game. The movie had some violent parts, but they were quick and short, definately not gaming material. The only thing I’m looking forwar to in this game is the soundtrack

  3. I would think that a Kill Bill game would be a little more action packed and appropriate. I know they had one planned and canned it (which is probably a good thing) but I would rather see that game than this one.

  4. suck or no suck, i’ll still play it.

  5. Well, it isn’t hard to believe QT will have something to do with the game. He did have something to do with that Reservoirdogs toyline a while ago.

  6. The graphics looks shite. I am not wasting money on this shit

  7. I think the game wont be a great one. But I think it would be kool to find out what happen to Mr.Blue (Eddie Bunker) and how the whole jewlery hiest whent down. I gonna get it even if its a peice of shit just to find out what happen to everthing that wasnt showed in the movie.

  8. I don’t get it. This game was originally in development some four or five years ago, and it’s only just been released some few months ago. I know some games are in development seemingly forever, but with a piece of garbage like this, why did anyone even bother seeing it to completion? At one time I had heard Tarantino was opposed to the game and wasn’t going to allow any of his character names that rightfully belonged to him to be used (Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, etc.). What the hell happened there? The developers obviously didn’t copy the actors’ faces, aside from Madsen, but I still don’t understand how they could get away with using Tarantino’s stuff unless he later changed his mind and approved the game. If he did, that’s a damn shame. All I can say is this game really should’ve been canned years ago, along with those proposed Kill Bill and Taxi Driver games. What the hell are these developers trying to do to cinema, let alone the gaming industry?

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