Tarantino’s Hostel Touch

Tarantino told Stuff Magazine what his contribution to Hostel was:

“I came up with the bolt cutters to cut off the girl’s toes. And it was my idea that they run over the girls. The audience cheers every time that happens.”

You can just tell he’s very proud.



  1. I would be proud too. I still have to see Hostel though.

  2. I knew it, I knew it was his idea about the running over the bad people. It was so similar to the part in Pulp fiction when Bruce ran over his enemy. I knew it! That was my favorite part in Hostel. Go Quinton, I love you so much. You are wicked HOT!

  3. If you liked that then get ready because his next film is all about people getting run over by a crazy guy driving a car!

  4. lol yeah. that part did make me cheer.
    freakin twisted movie though.

  5. Hostel made my skin crawl… I rented it last night. Those crazy skank hoes had it commin. I actually laughed my ass off when the dark headed peice of euro-trash got runt-over.

  6. Well it’s good to see that the people who enjoyed such a craptacular movie are not just a few mainstream preps who cant spell!

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