15th Anniversary Reservoir Dogs DVD

David DVD is reporting that LionsGate is going to release a 15th anniversary edition of Reservoir Dogs on DVD. Considering we already have a 10th anniversary edition, I’m not sure whey they would do this other than if they think that the upcoming Reservoir Dogs video game is going to be introducing the film to a whole new audience and they want a new DVD ready for them.



  1. Unless this new DVD comes with something much better than the 10th anniversary edition, I’m not going to bother.

  2. Since it’s my favorite of his flicks, I might get this version. But only if it has some new extras or something

  3. Great! Here in Spain we don’t have any good edition for RD on DVD, and at least there is a chance that some day it arrives to our stores. Anyway, if there is a R2 edition of this DVD for UK (with or without the gasoline can) it will be a must-have for me!

  4. I’m fucking buying this, just the idea of the can as the cover makes me wet

  5. the director’s and friend’s voiceovers have cured my 10 year writers block. Thank you and god Bless

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