Reservoir Dogs Game Art

The cover artwork for the Reservoir Dogs PS2 game has been released. I’m glad to see that they stuck with some original poster art and didn’t do something silly with it.



  1. First thing I thought when I opened the Amazon link:
    “Damnit. It’s $30. The game is going to suck.”
    I guess it’s cool that it’s more affordable, but more often than not, when games like this are released at a cheaper price than the standard $50, they’re pretty bottom-of-the-barrel games, and they generally wind up costing $5 in Circuit City ads a year later.

  2. I would guess that lots of games getting released between now and Christmas will be priced cheaper because of the PS3 release being so close.

  3. Hey Bret, now that there are official Grind House posters, why don’t you switch out the image that you have posted as the Grind House link for one of those?

  4. I’ve played it (I’m from the UK), and it’s not very good. They have most of the soundtrack, which is good, but they don’t seem to have ANY of the actor’s likenesses or voices for the game. According to the wikipedia page, only Michael Madsen has let the game use his likeness, but it doesn’t really look like him at all. They all look like slightly chubby mediocre impressionists of the respective actors. The voices are all pretty rubbish too. When they based the game on a popular film, they should get it to be the most accurate depiction of the cast as much as they can, so it feels like a proper tribute, not some crappy cash-in. (Note the Godfather game, which has everyone but Al Pacino in it. I haven’t played the Godfather game, however.)
    The actual gameplay is not bad, with multiple types of game to play. There’s a driving level, and the rest of the game is a 3rd person perspective Shoot ‘Em Up. You play each level as a different “Mr.” – Blonde in a shopping mall, Blue in the jewellery shop trying to get out, etc etc.

  5. The games case doesnt have the real actors photos on it. Except Mr.Blonde’s (Michael Madsen) and Nice Guy Eddie (that is behind Mr.White) has a black and white suite on. And they trimmed out Joe Cabot and Mr.Blue. Why does everyone disclude Mr.Blue.Eddie Bunker is kool.

  6. What would really be cool abou a RD game is they can fill in (in the game)all the scenes you dont see. Obviously the actual robbery is #1. Pinks return to the warehouse, Pinks exit at the end, you name it this movie left alot to go with as far as a game goes.

  7. Aww man I saw this at ‘Rhino’. This don’t seem right, oh hell no, this does NOT seem right!!! remember the rumors of that KILL BILL game? That didn’t work out too great(it was canceled), so how’s this gonna add up? I agree, let’s c this game go to the top of the charts.

  8. Shame the game sucked ROYALLY.
    I wish Tarantino had a direct hand in making this like expanding the story and going with a better company like Capcom or Rockstar Games

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