1. I find it funny how it says how the game is getting crap for being violent and then directly under that it tells you where you can pre-order it. And plus what’s wrong with killing cops?

  2. uhhhh….isn’t the fact that you’re killing someone enough?

  3. Well I get where they are comeing from but, I mean you can kill cops in alot of games and they never say anything about that. I still don’t understand how they will pull the game off though.

  4. Actually, the media is constantly ostracizing games in which you can take a stance against law enforcement. Anyone ever heard of Grand Theft Auto? Of course that’s the most notorious of game franchises, but it’s hardly the only one out there being criticized for its content. I’m personally not so much against the game on moral grounds — though there is something sick when developers see fit to revel only in violence within their games — but more on the pricipal of their turning a great film into a stupid and utterly pointless game. Of course the developers see fit to ‘fill in’ all the details Tarantino left purposely absent from his film with their own sadistic ideas. What it basically boils down to is a lot of chaos with little of anything else. And what fucking bit of inspiration led them to include a training scenario in which the characters shoot at each other with paintball guns? I’d like to do the same to the developers…. Damn, I guess it’s true that some games do provoke violence, though not for the reasons usually suggested.

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