Why Mickey Rourke Missed Grind House

In an interview with Mickey Rourke, Radar asked him about why he didn’t end up in Grind House. His answer doesn’t clear much of anything up:

Radar: After turning down Pulp Fiction, why did you pass up the opportunity to work with Tarantino on his latest project, Grindhouse?
Rourke: You know what? He hasn’t made any comments about it. And until he makes a comment about it, I’m not going to say anything. It just didn’t work out. And I hope that’s what he has to say. I’m just going to wait.

Seems to me that Mickey is pissed off at Quentin.

Grind House Trailer Details

Some confirmation of what most of us already knew or suspected. The Grind House trailer was a mixture of Rodriguez’s Planet Terror (referred to as Planet Doom incorrectly in the article) and one of the fake trailers – undoubtedly Machete.
Also from this same article, we get news that both Rodriguez and QT’s parts are standard length films of about 90 minutes, so with the fake trailers mixed in the final product should clock in at just over 3 hours.
I’m glad the first trailer that came out had a very ‘fun’ feel to it. I think that perfectly captures what these old Grind House style movies are about.
Grind House Trailer @: iKlipz & You Tube.


Obscure Grind House Mention

How is it that a newspaper allows somebody to write a story about You Tube who knows nothing about it, or the videos they are watching. Get a load of this:

So yesterday, as part of my training for Next G, I YouTubed for the first time. I found a music video for “Children of the Universe”, a trailer for something called “Grind House” (which may or may not be a spoof), and a clip showing-off a cockroach-controlled mobile robot.

Um, how long would it have taken this writer to figure out what Grind House is? 30 seconds. On dial-up.


Grind House Casting News

John Jarratt was the first person I can remember being unofically case in Grind House. Now it turns out that he never made it into the movie at all.

“My wife Cody was excited. We’d got the passport thing sorted out and we were all ready to set off for the States with our two kids, just waiting for a start date, so it was a real kick in the guts when nothing happened,” he told Woman’s Day.
“I’m really bewildered. God knows, Quentin might ring up next week and say he’s ready to start, ‘Get over here’. And might do it but I might not. I kind of wish he’d left me alone and it had never happened.”

Well, maybe Tarantino nixed him from the film because he’s getting interviewed by magazines like Woman’s Day.