1. I tivo’d this yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to get home and view the Iconoclasts at 1 am this morning. All I can say is WOW! Fionna and Quentin channel about the same deeply elusive personal creative fire where only real artists are spawned. WOW! I was smiling ear to ear as the series has lived up to very interesting pairings (I have seen every one so far, and hope to see all in the lineup this season). I already admired my man Quentin Tarantino, and now Fionna Apple has just picked me up as another admirer of her amazing music. It is very touching to see a genuine bond between these two uniquely creative people. And the way it ended with Quentin saying how nice it is to see Fionna (alone) this way. It reminds me that it’s is ok to reveal our innocent selves sometimes. It is very sweet. Thank you Quentin, Fionna, and Sundance Channel. WOW! Indeed.

  2. I dont have Sundance so I wasnt able to see this. Anything cool happen that fans would like to know about?

  3. The cool thing for Quentin’s fans is you get to see a glimpse of Troublemaker Studios where some of “Death Proof” will be (has been, seriously hope so, really). Quentin’s office reflects his continued love for genre movies, and music. He has a 50′s style jukebox with original vinyl 45′s. Also, there is a poster of Charles Bronson, and a international one sheet for a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, and some other horror posters. And finally at the studio, Quentin and Fiona talked on an incomplete set for a scene of “Death Proof”. Quentin is his normal talkative, and gesticulating self (which I find endearing to his personality). Pay attention and he is quite insightful with not so surprising (never to me) depth.
    Fiona just blew me away with her honesty and gracefulness. I love her little hand clap when she first heard the sounds of the bats under the bridge (they were going to see the flight of Austin’s urban bat colony at dusk). For all the poetic maturity in her songs, she is still just an excitable little girl at heart. People have said the same about Quentin, he is still an excitable litte boy at heart.
    These two made me smile ear to ear as witness to their core innocence which is a hugh couterpoint to their “extreme” artistic expressions.

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