GrindHouse Action Figures

Some images of upcoming Grind House toys have been revealed.

These images are all from Rodriguez’s Planet Terror portion of the film and include: Quentin Tarantino as an Army Soldier, Marley Shelton as Dakota, Rose McGowan as Cherry.
These aren’t final product images, but the group will be released in April of 2007 and will include 14 figures.


Sly Stallone Interested In Inglorious Bastards

The old rumor that Sly Stallone will be Inglorious Bastards is back again with Stallone saying that he’d love to do the film. [thanks to everybody who sent this in]
Stallone also claims that he passed up the chance to play a role in Grind House (I assume the role that Kurt Russell ultimately got) because of some scheduling conflicts.
Back to this Inglorious Bastards rumor with Stallone. I can see it happening, but I sure hope it doesn’t. I really, really dislike Stallone and think he may be the worst possible choice to appear in a Tarantino film. The man literally can’t pronounce words right, how the heck is he going to be able to deliver Tarantino-esque dialogue. So lets all pray for more scheduling conflicts from Sly.
UPDATE: LatinoReview.com is reporting that Stallone is a “lock” for Inglorious Bastards.