Bad Taste Bears Tarantino Event

Everyone’s favorite Tarantino-themed band, the Tarantinotes are going to be playing at the Bad Taste Bears Tarantino Event on March 31st.
The event is to celebrate the launch of Killed Bill. There are only 4,000 of the yellow being created, and only 700 of the pictured limited edition black version. There is also going to be a great looking Tarantino sketch book available that I’d love to get my hands on.
Check out the event website for all the details.



  1. Awright Tarantinotes!! Great stuff!
    Bret, The Death Proof soundtrack list is online now. Looks like another great music mix tape from the QT!

  2. Where where where?????? Alternatively can you tell us the track listing???
    Am I just rushing ahead and it is on this site somewhere???
    Also – thanks for the support again Bret. We owe you something…you want I should pick you up a Quentin?
    Mr. Pink.

  3. Those darn Bad Taste Bear people missed a perfect opportunity: “Bad Taste Bearantino.”

  4. Sorry guys – I don’t know where else to ask. Does anyone have a decent still from Pulp Fiction showing the dance comp. trophy? I need to get a replica made.
    Send to ravenmusic@sky.com if you have please….THANKYOUVERYMUCH!!!

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