1. I live in Bakersfield, so I might go to the Visalia theater and see Goodfellas (I’ve never seen it) and Resevoir Dogs.

  2. The people that reviewed those movies are idiots. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were two of the greatest movies ever made.

  3. That guys’ reviews have to be the worst written and thought out critiques I’ve ever read. If he turned this into a film class, english class, or any class he would be given an F, straight up. Not only that, but he’s obviously completely ignorant on the subject of film, not just use of the english language alone.

  4. I have only seen half of pulp fiction and 1/3 of kill bill I. I am a recovering drug addict. I have a good story as among other addicts, whether celebrities, commoners, reg joe smoes, or priveleged snobs like myself, ( I am not who my friends are, how pathetic, the way they think and live. I have always felt different from everyone one else, I have never felt so alone. But, I know I am not, millions of people struggle with addictions every day. Whether it is drug, alcohol, food, love, sex, co-dependency, gambling,ect….I am familar with all of above. Addiction is so very strong and controlling among all walks of life, if you want to make a film everyone can relate to or know of someone that can relate to this fucking world and fucking hell we go through every fucking second of our lives, you will be a hero, you will save many lives. I am not a writer, poet, or even a college gradute. I am a pretty, kind of smart, gal that thought I was exceptional, and just found out I am not, neither are they. My husband is running for mayor of Houston in 6 months, I was suppose to stay with him so he would look like a devoted husband, blah, blah. I want a real life and real love, don’t you? nikki

  5. I don’t live anywhere close to any of those cinemas, but I sure as hell am willing to travell the distance and see one of those 5 star movies on the big screen (even though I’ve already seen it). Reservoir Dogs is my absolute favourite movie, followed by pulp fiction. I really enjoyed Kill Bill, I spent a fortune to get a good copy of True Romance (they were all out in all the local shops) and Sin City has the most fuckin awsome cinematography, and all because of Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant directing. If a quality movie like Reservior Dogs is getting a bad write up, I say fuck the writers; they don’t know what the hell their talking about!

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