GRINDHOUSE may need significant edits to avoid an NC-17 rating. Page Six has the dirt on some of the more problematic scenes (one example after the jump).
QT had similar problems with Kill Bill – thats why some of the Crazy 88 scene is in black and white (so that the blood is black instead of red). For whatever reason, its OK to hack someone to pieces on screen, just so long as they don’t bleed red blood.

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Inglorious Bastards got a sneak look at the European poster for GRINDHOUSE. It looks suspiciously like this poster, but with just a few ‘screw you’ edits.
It really sucks that QT isn’t willing to stand up for movie to be shown in one piece. I’ve heard the argument that the double-feature is a uniquely American experience and so the rest of the world isn’t expecting it – but, if the GRINDHOUSE format of a double-feature is so great, why not use his influence to introduce it to those that haven’t experienced it before.
In this interview QT talks about doing what he wants with his films.

“Man, I’d love to do an opening to a movie like that.” And someone said: “Yeah, they wouldn’t let you.”
People have said little things like that all my life. But who’s “they”? I’ve given nobody the authority over me to say I can’t do anything – I can do anything I want or can achieve. I don’t ask permission. I might ask forgiveness, but I won’t ask permission. There is no “they”.
Here’s the thing: they can write a mean letter, they can write a mean memo, but these guys don’t have any real fight in them. If you’re an artist, as opposed to a careerist, and your movie is more important to you than a career in this town, they can never beat you. You have a loaded gun, and you know you’ve got what it takes to put it in their faces and blow their heads off.

Quentin, get your gun out and take a stand. GRINDHOUSE is one movie. One experience. Introduce the rest of the world to the genre you feel so passionate about. In the format you feel so passionate about – the double feature.