1. Maybe I am losing it too. I am all of those right now. I am a black slave, a Chinese guy, a Japanese guy, and a white master (my unalienable right is it not?).

  2. I guess it’s your right to be an idiot Congratulations!!

  3. Thanks, John 3:16. An idiot is what an idiot does.

  4. There’s a little article on Rotten Tomatoes about how Eli Roth and Edgar Wright are pushing for Grindhouse 2. Thought that should be mentioned, even though it doesn’t include QT.

  5. Well, he may be a little odd, but his a master of Film, so as long as hes cranking out the movies, hes is in my coolbook.

  6. This was taken from the article in the April issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly. It was the best thing I have ever read. I laughed, I cried, i wet myself.
    I know Exactly what he’s talking about. Even though I don’t think he’s Shakespeare, reincarnated!
    I didn’t know that QT was so spiritually inclined, though, and I think that kind of thinking is so damn sexy!!!

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