QT Confronts Paparazzi

Quentin had a bit of a run-in with some paparazzi at Sundance.



  1. Man, I really like Quentin Tarantino, but sometimes, when he acts like this, he makes it hard for me to like him. He can be a real jerk sometimes.

  2. I think they should keep hounding him until he finishes the script for Inglorious Bastards. There’s some motivation for you Quentin!

  3. i would have loved to see him kick the dude’s ass. i personally don’t think he could.

  4. Queintin I see your where theres alot of snow you should see all the snow up in Lowman, Come on up and I’ll show you the hotsprings, It looks like you need a brake. Deb

  5. That’s the movie industry for you folks. Only the sharpest and the brightest. I have an excuse for this, and I tell ya, it is the most smartest one ever!
    It’s cold out there. (Whatever.)

  6. They should make laws against these papaleaches. I personally would have kicked the boy’s ass bigtime.
    Congrats 4 keeping your cool, Q!!

  7. I love it when he gets all worked up like this and makes himself look like an ass.

  8. Damn hate those paparazzi, leave QT and everybody else alone! Lucky that QT is keeping his cool as always.

  9. You know he’s pissed when he starts stuttering like that. Just let the man drink his $10 cup of coffee.

  10. ???????? Why are any of you even remotely referring to him as an ass for this?. Yea if you are going to be famous it comes with this crap but he’s still human, I would do the same thing have strange cameras in my face constantly.

  11. I looove quentin, but even though it sucks being a celeb and all and having a camera in your face, it seems like he immediately starting flipping out without giving the guy a chance, even when he spat on that reporter.. i dunno he has a temper. but he’s an amazing director, and apparently he’s nice to work with, so he can be naturally an asshole.

  12. Qt acted like a child. He intimidated the film crew immediately. He should have just politely asked what they wanted and handled it like an adult. A similar thing happened when he tried to spit on Chris Conelly because he thought Chris had written a magazine article about his father. Grow up Qt, I love your films but stop acting like an asshole.

  13. I would have liked to watch QT kick his ass, but because i think he could

  14. I love how people are commenting how they would have loved to see QT kick his ass or vice versa when no one even saw the camera man so we have no idea how big or strong he is. Keep assuming guys; way to go ;)

  15. ya know, people keep saying he flipped out immediately.
    but really, he asked him a simple question and got flustered by the camera.
    The guy didn’t answer him at all…he was probably smiling at QT like a jackass, ignoring him.
    I can tell you, that I hate when people ignore me when I ask them a simple question.
    If I was famous, I wouldn’t mind being on “caught on camera” but some people just don’t wanna be bothered by it sometimes.
    and really, you don’t know what was going on at the time before the camera’s were on. something bad could have happened to him and he could have been in a bad mood already.
    After the camera swipe, he kept his cool. kudos, QT, kudos.

  16. I think he totally acted like a jerk here. I’m a fan of his but I hate to see him act like this. I mean he doesn’t get bothered by the paps that much he isn’t Britney Spears for gosh sakes.
    Maybe he was doing this for publicity?

  17. God what a woose he says he is going to kick his butt and then walks off all talk!

  18. it doesn’t matter how big the cameraman was, it just doesn’t look like QT could hold his own in a fight.
    but how funny would it have been if he whipped out a Hanzo sword? or if he pulled out a gun and said “SAY WHAT AGAIN!”

  19. Dude that day really sucked for Qt his car broke down and he almost didn’t make it to Sundance give the guy a break the last thing you want is some asshole in your face when your all fustrated. Its human nature to lash out stars aren’t above.

  20. I like how scared the cameraman gets when QT does a little shuffle towards him.

  21. Q acted totally rational. He even held himself back.
    All that papparazzi douche wanted was to get some “britney spears” footage.

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